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Ok, nobody wants to explain, I’ve got this. Minecraft currently has a neat tech tree that you can try to complete in order to feel like you’re really playing and not just reordering blocks.

1. Craft basic tools, find some food (slay animals, harvest apples from leaves) and make shelter – basic stuff, you know this.
2. Look for sugar cane, make a farm – you will need it later. Make a wheat farm to get more food and become sustainable.
3. Mine deeper, get armor, better tools. Iron, diamond. Try not to die to preserve exp you’re getting.
4. If you find a dungeon, try to seal it off and make a small window at the bottom that you can attack through and get more exp.
5. Mine 14 obsidian with diamond pick – 10 for economy portal frame, 4 for later.
6. Keep farming sugar cane – convert it to paper, then books, then bookshelves. Leave 1 book around.
7. Make an Enchantment Table (Book + 2 diamonds + 4 obsidian) to enchant your gear and weapons. Always use all of your levels, always do it at levels 20-30.
8. Try to enchant pickaxe with Fortune – you can get more diamonds, coal and redstone from ore blocks.
9. If you feel like it, make an exp grinder where you can afk when chatting and then harvest exp real easy. You can also traverse Abandoned Mineshafts for loot and glory
10. Try to kill some Endermen to get their precious pearls. An enchanted sword might help (Looting I, II or III – more drops)
11. Go to the Nether. Find Nether fortress (dark red brick towers, huge buildings) and look for rooms with weird red crops growing on soul sand – get some and get that soul sand. Try to find balconies with spawners making yellow flying sonofabitches – kill a few to get their Blaze Rods.
12. Make Nether Wart (that red crop) farm in your Nether base. It only grows there, you need some for potions.
13. Craft a Brewing Stand, brew potions like a boss.
14. With Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder (from those golden rods, yo) craft some Eyes of Ender.
15. Make sure to be within 1000 blocks from spawn, throw the eye, follow it. Collect, go a bit more, repeat. Eventually it will hover over ground – that’s where you dig a staircase down. You will get to a Stronghold.
16. Kill everything, find treasure, find lava pool room with wierd frame around it. Place Eyes of Ender, portal will open, go to the End.
17. Ban the motherfucker who slayed the dragon before you even had a chance to look at it.