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So I’ve been thinking, being that Tarnished Coast is the unofficial official RPServer which is why we chose it since some of our players like to get down and dirty in the lore and atmosphere. I want to suggest to those of us playing on Tarnished Coast putting the Guild Wars 2 guild system to better use and having two guilds for MCNSA. I was considering using the same two guild names we used from DCUO. Spreaders of nsanidy (Regular players) and Defenders of nsanidy (RPers). You can swap which guild you want to represent on the fly so if you are trying to be strictly role-playing you could represent Defenders and that would have a set of guidelines to adhere to. Or if you wanted to just throw down on some mobs or players you switch over to Spreaders and smack some things around. Opinions? Thoughts? Phone Numbers? Sexy Pics?

<3 Ereh_Dogon