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Thank you, ridddle.
Banning them was the right thing to do.
They derive pleasure from our discomfort or pain, at least as it is perceived by them.
Disallowing interactions with the MCNSA community is the best move towards making them bored, and working towards a more permanent solution. Even though this decision is something that will impact the server heavily for quite some time. Affecting player-base, and whatnot.

Through this, I ask all of you to try as best you can to continue playing on MCNSA when you can. And to be involved as much in the community as possible when playing is not an option.

Also, I am with ridddle on not sinking to their level. I know everyone’s a little bummed out, but it would be best to keep threats, no matter how idle, to yourself. No shotgun will be taken to their door, and no public ridicule will be made, if this is to be over as swiftly as possible. If you really need to, take some joy out of being passive aggressive!

As for stopping or preventing DDoS attacks, it is nearly impossible. And the costs of mitigating damage are insane, and something only large companies can afford. Our best bet in this is on the psychological front, removing the entertainment they derive from their actions. Or potentially future legal action, which isn’t very feasible at the moment, for several reasons.

Thank you all in advance for doing your best to pretend nothing is happening, and to try to keep playing as normal. It would mean a lot, I believe, if everyone did their best to put restraints on attempting to resolve the situation on their own, or to seek out any of the culprits.

/ PatHeist