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I love MCNSA.

I love Nsan.

I love the mods who work hard to make life tolerable for everyone else.

I love JudgeAnderson, the sexiest Templar.

I love the new kid who tries out the server for the first time, and is overwhelmed by the rules, and the motherfreaking maze….but senses something might be different about this place, and powers through it.

I love that I can build something, and when I log back in the next day, it’s still there, untouched. No lava. No holes. No explosions. It’s just sitting there like I left it.

I love that MCNSA’s culture is driven by values and core principles, not ego or whim.

I love that my wife is hot. (Off-topic, but seemed worth mentioning.)

I love that I can be gone for a while because of my bonkers work schedule, and then come back and immediately be greeted with the same ridiculous in-jokes.

I love that whenever I’m stressed about firing someone, making payroll, dealing with client issues, etc., there’s a place I can go where I can just break a block, place a block, and enjoy being around good people.

I love that I can simply trust that Nsan will take us to the right place. I don’t have to fret. I don’t have to argue. I can just say “Yes, sir” and keep marching forward.

Thanks for everything.