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In reply to foveo, I won’t be online until Friday afternoon so I can’t get you the coordinates yet, but as I said the town is BBville so if you know where that is you can check it out. If not, go to the place with the four portals in it – you know, where you spawn after the Spawn challenges. From there, face the ocean and Fuzzy’s ship (very close to that portal place). Follow the coastline up away from the portal room – not in the direction of the jungle. If you don’t see the underwater subway, you should soon see a fairly big town just a bit out from the mainland. That is BBville, and the train (minecart) stop is on the little island just in front of it, with the pumpkins. Those instructions might be a bit wrong, but anyway.

Also, if Leonheart (Templar) is online, you could ask him to bring you straight there. He lives in BBville so he might be able to do that (well he made a house but I’m not sure if he sethome there).

That’s all I can do for now. Hope it helps! 🙂