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Neather systems make for a great way for quick travel. But they are a bit tricky to make look nice while also preventing zombie pigmen from spawning since light is not a deterrence for them. Also I think an over world system would be amazing just to see everything. Show off nice areas and what not, also it’d be alot more impressive as a group project done this way. Me and dantao had set up a system on my personal, mcnsa is down but i still wanna minecraft with muh buddies, server and it was just so much fun doing the Large stations near bases/towns and doing other smaller stations with roads that led off to smaller personal builds or smaller groups of people.

That’s my call, I’d also be willing to help with this. As much as I can. Granted my minecraft time is sporadic but I can be quite a mole and provide some shiny iron and redstone (and get dantao to help me collect it as well).