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For those saying no map til 1.3, keep in mind that the map shit itself today. LimeyBoys rollback is in an infinite loop, any TNT that has ever been laid on the server, even if it wasnt detonated, has been rolledback and it will continue to do so for the life of the map. Jussayin’… Today Judgetown was halfway under stone laced with TNT. The TNT used to make the crater it is in had been reset on everyones house. If that got into the wrong hands, the town could have been destroyed (Even though it has protection, but that is only an example.

Hawkeye is also messed up to the point where the database has overloaded and we cannot keep track of who broke what, Fuzzy tried fixing it but he was unable to do so. So… A new map might be for the better.
Edit: Here is judgetown before I removed it: