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Here’s a quick snapshot of what I had in mind for a grid system.


9×9 properties with 3-wide cobble streets. Nothing fancy, but it scales well.

We’ll have plenty of cobble for the streets from mining, and the 3-wide size allows for future transportation improvements (rail lines, etc.). In the future, as Industria grows in glory, we can replace the street materials with something fancier, starting from the center and moving outward.

The 9×9 properties aren’t huge, and that’s intentional. They’re great for smaller buildings (not much wasted space — efficient!), and adjacent properties can be combined (by nixing the street between them) into larger properties as needed.

re: Ereh’s comment (which I just saw). The reason is efficiency and urban density — this is a city with lots of work being done, so the core is going to be a compact and busy place where you don’t have to walk for five minutes to get something done. The ability to conjoin plots allows for larger and more glorious buildings when appropriate, and I certainly expect to see estates and mansions in the suburbs surrounding the city core (where, say, 24 plots are conjoined to create a glorious property), but the core itself should be relatively dense for the sake of productivity. That’s the Industrian way, anyway. This isn’t a retirement community. 😉