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Okay, as you have noticed I’ve been MIA for the past week or so. Some of you know that is because I was moving across country. Unfortunately am still with out my main computer which I play minecraft on and am stuck with using my laptop which can just about run minecraft as a chat box only x.x(which means I can’t move at all and even chat is lagtastic enough that its too much of a head ache).

SO what that means, is that obviously the judging is delayed for the time being until I can get on a judge. I’m sorry for this but unfortunately my new home has a lack of three pronged outlets which the majority are in the kitchen(WHere I should be but too small for my computer), and the bathroom…(again, too small for a computer). So that leaves me trying to figure out how to get around the problem, on top of getting around the mess that is my place right now seeing as how I haven’t been able to fully unpack just yet.

Though this works out for you forgetful participants or those of you who got too buys to pay attention to your builds. So you have until I can get on/stomach the horrid lag of my computer to spruce(pun not intended) up your trees.