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  • Fringe (final leg of the show, and boy – this is getting more and more epic)
  • Warehouse 13 (losing steam, but is still a great series)
  • Alphas (omfgwtfbbq stuff, the most crazy series I’ve seen in a looooong time!)
  • Revolution (very promising plot and actors)
  • Last Resort (its okay, it takes a while to get going though)
  • Hunted (really, REALLY great british spy series)
  • NCIS (starting to get bored of it, but it’s had a really good run. 1st season is still the best)
  • The Big Bang Theory (I’m loving the direction it’s going with the characters growing up)
  • Nikita (hotties kicking ass, who can’t love that? the story has kind of gone “meh” as of late though)