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As someone relatively new to the server, I just want to chime in. I know I can’t talk about what MCNSA used to be, because I don’t know, but I can say how I feel about it: I have been playing for a while and have seen many of the same faces, though since the map reset I have seen some new ones as well. One thing that’s always been really apparent to me, especially with the higher ranks, is how much fun they seem to have. Most of them seem to genuinely enjoy their time on the server, and as a new player I really appreciated that. It was that “air” that really made me want to continue to play on the server. The more I involve myself in the community, the more I see that joking humor that attracted me in the first place- the mumble was a great place for me to meet new people like that. For me, that is something really important in attracting new players (friendly players who don’t take things too seriously). Maybe the player count isn’t there, but the community is. And as Dot pointed out, there are many reasons as to why that may be 🙂