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What kind of programming are you interested in? The three big areas are web development, systems and application programming. In web development you’ll see HTML (duh), PHP, SQL, and JavaScript most often. Systems programming is almost always done in C and assembly languages (assembly languages vary by processor, the most common is x86). Application programming is all over the place and covers all kinds of projects from behind the scenes banking software through video games. You’ll see almost every language used in application programming in some way or another. There’s also scripting, which is programming-lite (LITE – the new way to spell light with 20% fewer letters!) and is done in languages built specifically for scripting. Some popular scripting languages are Python, JavaScript, and Bash.

All languages have little quirks about them that you learn pretty much only through trial and error, but the biggest things to get down initially are ideas like variables (simple algebra concept here) and control structures (iteration and selection!) as well as “Object Oriented” design. You won’t need OO for scripting or web development really, but its the hot thing in application programming right now.

I learned to program with a focus on application development and my first language was Java. Java has lots of rules to follow that will help make you a good programmer, even without an IDE. At the same time though, its really verbose and it can be a pain to write a little one-off Java program. For instance, Java isn’t really the language you want to use to solve Project Euler problems. However, if you’re making something like Minecraft you’re not going to want to use JavaScript (very different from Java! the two have no relation to one another).

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