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Well Rumble is OP right now, they’re gonna nerf him in the next patch (or was it Diana patch now? Not sure.).

But Maokai is freaking amazing. Just beat a game that was really close. You rarely have matches that are really close, mostly there’s at most 1 change in dominance during the match and from that point on it’s a >80% probability the now dominating team wins. Sometimes there’s not even a single change and one team rules from the beginning. I’d say there’s not more than 1 match in 10 that’s thrilling and fun over the whole match length.
But this match was different. Real fun for once! And Maokai can make such a f***ing big difference in every fight. He can towerdive even with support equipment, his ganks are better than even OP Xin Zhao’s and on top he’s a perfect bruiser and invade-addition. Practically every match I propose an invade and thanks to his Q my team always comes out ahead, mostly with First Blood.

If you like being the unstoppable Tanksupport with astonishingly high damage output and the most dangerous Non-Ultimate-CC in the game: give him a try! His overall winrate percentage may not seem outstanding at first (a little over 50% I think) but then, you can’t really judge champions by that. Otherwise many other often played and viable champs would see no light.

His favorite role is definitely the Jungle because his clearspeed is among the highest and jungle ganks are simply the best. Also he’s NOT COUNTERABLE. That’s a BIG claim but honestly, nothing can counterjungle him on equal grounds. Amumu, Udyr, Lee Sin, even OP Zhao Xin, not to mention hilariously weak Nocturne or Alistar – they don’t stand a chance against Mao. He might not be able to KILL them but he can get away safely and severely wound them on top of that. This makes counterjungling Maokai with less than 2 players a waste of time, gold and XP – and sometimes a free kill for him 😀

(Also the fact that he’s played more often the higher Elo you reach is a definite hint to his high skill ceiling and to that he’s powerful through all Elo stages)

Have fun BEING the Jungle 😀