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Still relatively new to LoL compared to most of the people I play with, but I try. I prefer ranged AP champs and supports as I’m terrible with melee.

Teemo (Mid/Bot)
I love this squirt. Fast, able to poke well, and annoying, with good mana management as I tend to spam a bit. I typically go bot with someone with him, but I’ve taken a liking to midlaning lately and keeping the enemy’s mid unable to farm and/or shut down. I’m not too great with him yet, but he’s the champ I tend to do best with. I like to build him straight attack speed, with a Malady and a Wit’s End to add extra damage. Mushrooms for everyone!

Zyra (Mid)
She’s new so I’m still learning how to use her effectively, but whew, dat burst. Sadly her cooldowns and movement speed are very limiting so it’s easy for her to lose kills if the opposing champ is quick enough, or powerful enough to take advantage of her uselessness during cooldowns. I tend to build her straight AP, but I think a Lux-like build would actually suit her by reducing cooldowns and allowing her regular attacks to have a bit more oomph. She’s pretty easy to get multi kills with if you time her ult right, and is great for helping others get kills. She starts off slow though, usually is unable to pull off a kill until level 3 when she has her flowers and her snare. Ignite is a must. Her passive ability is a great fuck you to enemies who manage to off her with a sliver of HP if you manage to aim it right.

Janna (Bot)
She was the first real support I stuck with when I was still learning. Great for shadowing a ranged AD champ who isn’t quite able to chase someone, and functions really well with an Ashe, Varus or Teemo. Bubble all the towers and champs! of course, her ult is great for helping people escape…though it does occasionally cost your team a kill to do so. Tailwind, her passive, is great for helping others with chasing.

Soraka (Bot)
AD Soraka is funny and strangely viable. Other than that, her Q is spammable and great for creep farming, W and her ult heal pretty well, and she can restore your mana. Great support? Great support. Passive also raises ally magic resist and her Q lowers it, so she’s great with laning with squishy AP champs.

Lesser played but still enjoy:
Veigar: Great for melting AP champs’ faces, but I suck with him
Lux: Great for melting anyone’s faces, but I suck with her
Malzahar: Miss all the skillshots! I suck with him
Lulu: She’s a great support or flat out AP, and I used to be decent, nowadays I can’t do much. eep.
Akali: 🙁 I’m terrible with assassins.

Bot champs I wish would go die in a fire:
and above all, fuckin’ Taric. Auuughhhh!