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If re is reading this -we care about Minecraft and the MCNSA server and community because it’s a place where we all come together to have fun. We shared our (very) friendly and understanding community with you and then you decided to just be an ass. Someone who makes that retarded choice will always be banned and/or peoned. You don’t know us and have no right to personally insult us. You obviously were upset and/or most likely regretful of your actions. I know this because you switched to and alt and tried to keep playing. This attempt failed and you were banned. Then you got on our mumble and started spamming. Another failure. Then you make that post saying the mods are power-happy and abusive. Non of which is true. You just fail to see the spectacular -ness of our server and community. You lost something great today, and may not know it.


(EDIT): And calling us penis’s is just not smart. Does not help you socially at all.