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    Yup, that’s today. I just want to give a shout-out to everyone on MCNSA for being generally awesome at everything, at for putting up with me for this long, amazing year! You guys have given me a reason to keep playing minecraft (Jerks, it’s addictive enough already.), my 2nd best Christmas ever (don’t get me started on the best), and a place to put my (very) short lived arenas.

    Here’s a little “My first day on MCNSA” thing that I did at some other point in my life, because, you know, I like attention. It suits the situation, and is a repost from reddit (give me your upvotes):

    When I first joined this server, it was because I wanted to try Minecraft Multiplayer. I had recently bought the game, and I really loved it. But I was ready to move on, and so I googled “minecraft multiplayer servers”. After getting 2 or 3 results that didn’t even register as servers, I thought that Minecraft Multiplayer, with it’s lack of a serverlist or friends list, could very well be a vast, lonely wasteland with a few personal servers dotted around here and there.
    Then, I saw the ad for MCNSA on a shoddy looking website. Not much, really. “MCNSA Multiplayer Minecraft Server”. But the one thing that really stuck out for me, was the lack of a confusing IP address. Plain and simple, “MCNSA.com”. I joined, expecting another failure. But then, the message “Logging In…” appeared in the center of a dirt covered wall in the middle of my minecraft window. And then, I found myself standing in an open roofed building that took a few seconds to load. And as it loaded, I stepped over to the windows that surrounded the entire structure, looking out at what I saw.
    Well, to put it quite simply, it amazed me. I wasn’t used to chat functions on minecraft, and to see colorful ranks and sarcastic admins just within the first few seconds of being there. I knew I had to keep playing, and promptly jumped into the “I cannot follow rules” hole. Well, needless to say, I fell into a flaming pit filled with netherrack hanging into an aquarium filled with squid.
    I burned and died.
    I wasn’t at all expecting any rank ups, as I was used to playing games on steam, where any sort of special permission came out of donating large sums of money to keep the server going. I had learned my lesson about this after my favorite Team Fortress 2 server just died one day with a massive amount of followers, so I quiety worked my way through the spawn, which gave me a gigantic headache, as I hadn’t set home and died of fall damage as I emerged from the 1.7.3 spawn.
    So I tried again! And after getting out, the first thing I did was rush to the Nether Portal I saw on the banks of a nearby river. I jumped in, because no small part of the reason I wanted to play multiplayer was the desire to visit the Nether without delving into the, at the time extremely scary, unknown of anywhere below Y: 70. I set my home there, and because of some annoying circumstances, couldn’t get out of the Nether by any means. A kind mod (fauxnetikz or thehazz I believe?) teleported me out, had me set my home, and directed me toward Daymanville. Yes, Daymanville, my very first town ever on Minecraft. I set up a little house after getting a plot from a mayor skinned like Hobbes, and went to work on what I thought to be an amazing house. Even though it was small and lame, I loved the poor house. So when my friend griefed it, naturally I was pissed. I repaired it, then obliterated everything he had built, then pretended his brother did it :3
    After that, I decided I need to mine! I got some information regarding diamond depth, and after a misunderstanding about diamond depth that resulted in me digging for diamonds with one layer of dirt separating me from the sky for about an hour with absolutely no luck (it was my first ever time mining, ever), I crossed the banks of a small lake river thing, and dug down. Straight down. Once I hit depth 15 I started to move forward. I had heard rumor of TNT, so I asked if someone might be able to help me mine with TNT. A kind Saint (biggergeek perhaps?) teleported to me, scaring the shit out of me in the process, and started placing TNT. He mined me a small, misshapen corridor leading to a small blasted out room.
    I still remember the floating white glitch remnants of that TNT explosion.
    I told him (or her, maybe) that that would do, thanked him, and set him on his way. Then, I got that fateful message. The, “hey nad” sort of message that every Guest eventually receives… yes, I had become an Altarboy. It was at that exact moment that I realized this wasn’t a server in which you buy friends, but a real community. I vowed to stick around, and me, my brother, and two of our friends, played on MCNSA from then on. From there out, I’ve had so many amazing times I couldn’t even hope to recount them all.

    Wasn’t that annoying. Anyway, thanks for reading 😀

    -The new, 1 year old me.


    I ought to do one of these, on the 13th of October!
    Grats on Bishop and one year on the server, nad ^_^

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