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    After seeing this image I decided that it would be fun to make up 100 Uses for Portals. They have to be unique uses, not “Get to work fast” and “Get home fast” or whatever. There’s probably a site dedicated to it already, but I’d like to see what we can come up with on our own. I’ll start with 10.

    1. Get to places quickly (Obviously)
    2. Retrieve items that have falen under couches, closets, etc.
    3. Indoor fetch with your dog
    4. Effective pitfall trap (Animal falls in hole straight to your hunting shed)
    5. Decoration (Dump bucket of water down an infinite loop OR drop an item into two floor-portals)
    6. Weapon (Again, infinite loop then fire the top portal adjacent to the target)
    7. Flood gate (Fire Portal underwater and another where water can be held)
    8. Space Travel (I’m sure NASA would benefit from a portal gun)
    9. Two-Way delivery system
    10. Interactive periscope

    Damn that was tougher than I thought! I hope this’ll still be fun for you all though ^^;


    11. Self-oral
    12. Marathon training (Just run through portals that face each other)
    13. Emergency puking
    14. Making a hammock
    15. Punching yourself in the face
    16. Portable lighting (one portal at a light source, use the other one to direct the light)
    17. Infiltrate places without anyone noticing
    18. Being in tight places
    19. Extreme tennis
    20. Sending sounds over great distance
    21. Alarm system(Same as the above, except something makes a constant noise at one side, then to set it off the portal is removed)


    22. Perpetual motion machine!


    23.) entrance into room with no exit (helps with inlaws and annoying midgets).
    24.) fire into moon and then random spot nobody would visit., suffocate earth.
    25.) waste disposal.
    26.) easily cut fruits.
    27.) using people for 26 instead, but i don’t know why a person would ever do that… nope. not at all.
    28.) redirecting a nuke into the country firing it through use of the impact point and mathematically equated positioning of a portal on the moon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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