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    Dear, dear friends.

    First off; Sorry for the impending wall of text. I don’t ask that you read it all, but of course it would mean a lot to me if you did.
    Last night I reached my 1000th login on MCNSA. And I thought it was time I had a little heart to heart with you guys and explain how much you guys mean to me and how much you have changed my life. I’ll start with my travels on this server.

    My first day on MCNSA was a bit of a hectic one. I believe Beta1.7.3 was the version I entered, and boy was that maze a tough one (old hands on the server may even remember that one, with the lava floors and giant Nsan face), especially playing on the crappy old lag machine that was my laptop (and continued to be until recently). I had much trouble getting up the jumping challenge due to this, and it lead me to rage quit a few times. Then an Altarboy named xXJakeyBoyXx (now under the alias of SquarePusher) came along, just doing the maze again for fun. I couldn’t believe anyone would put themselves through that torture again, just for fun! But he presented himself to be quite the saviour, offering me tips and tricks, until eventually; I reached the top and officially joined MCNSA.

    My hours as a Guest were short lived, as I soon found my IRL friends: Priest – Maximillian_Cummings [Now inactive] and Then-Saint – JudgeAnderson. These two were the ones that first encouraged me to play multiplayer and pointed me in the direction of MCNSA. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I hadn’t had many good experiences playing multiplayer games (CoD, Halo etc.) prior to this server. I am pleased to say that I was surprised at how friendly and helpful everyone was on my first day, especially to a scrub like me. Judge found me building my house with Maximillian in “Floppycock” (Max and Slowys aptly named nether town). Judge teleported me to his house at an undisclosed location and due to him knowing me IRL and being trustworthy – Promoted me to Altarboy!

    The first build I embarked upon after my house, was a surface world entrance for the Floppycock nether portal. And what can I say? It was magnificent. A giant, pink, drooling (yes, drooling), floppy penis soon adorned the countryside, and I was proud. I’m sure Slowy was wondering what she had gotten herself into. Things continued like this for a while, with me and Max adding things to Floppycock and generally making it into a liveable town. Then, one day a glitch in the matrix occurred. The map needed to be rolled back. But the nether got forgotten. It was reset, and our little hamlet was gone.

    I idled around with SquarePusher for a while, helping him build a quaint little mansion. Max had by this point lost interest in the server. Eventually I got up the courage to start a project of my own – one that still plagues me to this day. I planned to start a town, and having a username like SpokenSquid, I decided to build it underwater. Sponges were /modreq’d for and I was off building the biggest project I had undertaken since I left Single Player. I spent about 2 weeks digging out a trench, overlaying the area with sponges and bucketing out the remaining water. I then spent another week laying out plots and generally preparing the area for others to move in, during which I received my second promotion to Priest from none other than Tbzz himself. I was ecstatic! Then, disaster struck again, and this time, the whole map had to be wiped. I was devastated, as I was only 1 or 2 days from opening my town – “Squidville.”

    So I started the new map fresh. I walked for 2 in-game days until I found the most amazing natural mountain range with a huge cave in the middle. Real-life commitments unfortunately took over at this point, and I had only enough time to lay down a few torches outlining my region. However, when I was next able to log on a week later, I found that my beautiful area now had a World Guard region over it. I had been usurped by Tana64 and Hamm5! The annoying Aussie neighbours. I was glad that they didn’t turn out to be horrible after all, and they let me join their town, which they had named “HammTana” – Odd, yet logical. I built a floating house in the middle of a valley and was content for a while. I helped Microsoftt build his house, built some small things for Hammtana. But I was still haunted by my failure at a big project. So I sailed. Not far, mind you, but far enough to find my own little island that was just perfect for building a castle. And it was a great castle, although adamajor may still testify to it looking a bit phallic from a certain angle, which I will forever deny. I was again fortunate enough during the build of this castle to be promoted again, this time by Jareth86 (YARR) after a word in edgeways from Hamm. I was an Elder! Funnily enough, I never actually ended up using my newfound TNT abilities until I reached Cardinal. Not that I regret it. I never really forgot about Squidville, however, and still held some hope of rebuilding it bigger and better than before. So I started a secret project, in the middle of a 1000² ocean, where no one would find me! I continued like this for several weeks, progressing slower than before, as the oceans were a lot deeper now. Too bad a new update came out, and my efforts at campaigning for keeping the map were fruitless. Squidville was lost for the second time.

    Minecraft Beta 1.8 brought with it a new spawn and a new HammTana – this time on an island. This is where I proceeded to venture away from my travels in the sea, and become a land-squid. I built my nest up high in the trees, which Jareth eventually attached his giant monolith of a flying ship to (for a week, at least). If I recall correctly, “JudgeTown” was also founded in this version and a house was built there as well – Nothing special. This map was short lived and soon gave way to Minecraft 1.0 and yet again, a brand new spawn (rebuilt from a certain Ender Dragon incident), a brand new map and a brand new HammTana for me to join. This time Judge had entered the mix of mayors though, and the town now required a new name: “Tanderham” was born. How cute. I built here for a while working on my house (again, looking a lot like a big cock. It’s like an illness). And building a giant oreo-shaped tree farm for the cube-hating Tana (wrong game then, sweetie 😉 ). During the construction of the house, I received another promotion from Judge, for reasons unbeknownst to me. By this time, Pieces o’ Eight, the servers’ economy had become well established by the wonderful Octavian0, yet I still saw a flaw with this system. Everyone seemed to only want to sell diamonds and iron – the most lucrative sources of income. Yet no one wanted to sell any building materials other than cobblestone and dirt. Now, for a builder like myself, I saw this as a problem.
    So I decided to do something about it. I walked, and found myself a nice area where I could set up my farming/generator business – “Squid Inc.” (clever eh?). I spent what seemed like months flattening out a vast section of the desert for my purposes, entirely by hand with a little (legit) help from Leonheart515. I erected (pfft) a modern desert house in the middle with which I could surround myself with my industry. A pit was dug, and a grinder was built in it – Here I received another promotion from Nathanielwise, I was a Bishop now! A frame was put up, and a tree farm was established. A barn was constructed, and sheep were installed. A nether portal was built, and Squid Inc. and Tanderham were connected with a rail. A station and half a tunnel was built on the other end. I was establishing myself as a reasonable businessman, and I became a shopkeeper for Po8 and enjoyed every minute of it. Then Multiverse was installed and for the rest of the life of this map, I spent my days pissing about in creative mode. This map stayed around for a while, but eventually it had to end. Minecraft 1.2 came out, a few temp maps later, and we find us here, on the current map.

    During my idle moments in the last map Myself, Tana, Hamm and Judge discussed co-owning a town together – “Obsidia”. I took it upon myself to offer to design it, and I feel that I pulled it off well. I finally had a finished town under my belt. And I was extremely proud. There were still a lot of finishing touches to be done when the schematics were copied over to the new map, though. I felt myself at a disadvantage when not being able to help as much as I wanted to, not being a mod and all. But I rarely complained. I did find myself becoming a little short tempered at times. And the others were gracious enough to look past that and see my frustration. I took a break, focused on bettering my district, building my tree house and trying to enjoy the game. I worked on a few projects for a while, namely the grinder under the city which many have praised me for. I became infatuated with building xp grinders, item grinders, farms and the like. Eventually, at random, I stumbled across a dungeon, not far from the city walls. I turned a few corners and found not just a couple more spawners, but a total of 8! I had hit the jackpot. But due to the success and much hogging of my skeleton spawner, I wanted to keep these a secret, at least until I finished turning them into grinders (which, by the way, I still haven’t done. They lie there abandoned, for the lucky soul that comes across them).

    Now here is a rather personal and childish issue. But I want to clear the air on a few matters. Microsoftt had recently become a mod at this point, and had taken to following me. I didn’t mind at first. But then it just got plain annoying. I asked him to stop, many times. But he persisted. Now, this could have gone on for a while, and I would have put up with it. But then other people started appearing around him, by a means that is still a mystery to me. Unfortunately, one of these times was when I was down working on those grinders. And that was a step too far in my books. I caused a fuss and took a break. But not before talking to an admin. I feel that by now Micro, you have gotten the message, and you have become less annoying. I am stating to warm up to you again. But don’t push it, mate. I get that this sounds very one-sided, and so I welcome a retort, if you want to post one below. /rant.

    After that ordeal, and a week of absence from the server, I felt that I needed a breath of fresh air from Obsidia and so moved to my current location, on top of high glitch-cliffs. Ask me in chat if you want to come have a look around!

    Now that the brief tale of my ventures on this server is done, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a few things on my mind.

    To all Guests, Altarboys and Priests:
    Now, I know you guys will barely know me, and much of this will seem like nostalgic ramblings to you, and pretty much all of it won’t mean anything to you on a personal level. But I just want to say this: Welcome to MCNSA. This is the best damn server on the web. I encourage you to join in on chat (but don’t be a derp please, we have enough of those, I should know – I am one.), there will always be someone to listen to you – we don’t encourage segregation on this server – although we may not answer straight away. Don’t worry about ranks. Trust me, you won’t really be at a disadvantage in terms of respect, and if you don’t have permission for a certain action, someone will almost always be ready to help. If not? Submit a /modreq. We don’t like to hinder you from enjoying the game for long. Also: Don’t trust the mods. They are all trolls.

    To all Peons:
    You dun Goofed.

    To all Elders, Cardinals and fellow Bishops:
    You guys are the best fucking group of friends I have ever had. I love each and every one of you. Keep being awesome. That is all.

    To all Mods:
    You guys too. You are awesome. The most fantastic, eclectic, smart, funny, amazing group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You are the ones that MAKE this server what it is. I have deep connections with a lot of you, yet some I still have never met (probably due to differing time-zones). Still, I love you all. And I am sure the big man won’t have been able to do any of this, take this server as far as it has come without you. I have one quip though – Some of you; and you know who you are, I feel you have forgotten how to play the game. And that is it. It is just a game. Enjoy it. Don’t make it a full time job – you have real lives for that. I want to see more of you coming on the server to play. (And don’t just stay in admin chat either – we like talking to you guys!). Keep. Being. Astounding.

    To nsanidy:
    Hello. My name is SpokenSquid. I am sure you have seen me around; you even took my 500th life (thank you!). The thing is, I’ve been on this server for nearly 9 months, and I barely know you. Now, I don’t know if that is due to differing time-zones or not, and I know you are a busy man. But I feel that whenever you are online, you are chatting to others in admin chat, or running the server with all your godlynessness. I cannot recall a time when I have ever seen you playing the game, or at least noticed it, you don’t make it very evident. This is meant to be a place for fun. I don’t know what you envisaged when you started MCNSA, but I am sure it was something along the lines of a place where you could play with friends and be happy. Nowadays: not so much, eh? If 1000th login gifts were a thing, I’d only ask one thing of you. Login, and for once, Play Minecraft. Build a house. Tame a wolf. Go Fish. I want you to get back to your roots, and rediscover the game. Sure, your tales of sexy, unnamed women are great, but when was the last time you listened to a story from someone else? Now, you don’t have to listen to me, I am only a teenager from the other side of the world who you met online, but I hope reading the next paragraph will make you realise how much you and the service you provide means to me.

    TL; DR LINE__________________________________________________________________
    If you have gotten this far: thank you. It shows that you really care for me as much as I care for you. This is the first Minecraft server I’ve ever played on, and I cannot see why anyone would go anywhere else. It is true, MCNSA isn’t just a server; it’s a community. Hell, it’s a lifestyle. Thank you for every single experience I have ever had online, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Thank you everyone, especially nsan, for the last 1000 logins. I sure hope I can last to 2000, 3000 or even 10000. I get that this might not mean anything to some of you as much as it means to me and sure, some of my houses may look like dicks. But I feel that you have helped me grow as a human being for the better, and I hope I can do the same for you.

    Thank you, and don’t. Ever. Change.

    Matt a.k.a SpokenSquid.


    Dude. Thankyou, thankyou for being a great guy and playing with us all online, you have been a great influence in my MCNSA Journey and i hope i can last the way to 1000 logins too. 😀


    P.S. That was a VERY moving peice of text… 🙂


    That post, just, wow. I remember when I first joined the server, in 1.8. I remember, you were like my role model, when we both lived in Hammtana. (When you were elder) That was one of my favorite times on the server. A_FLEMING and I both lived win that town with you, and I know, being his friend, that he looks up to you as well.

    Thanks for being awesome!


    P.S Agreeing with Diamond here, this text is very moving.


    That was incredible. It was a joy to read and made my day. May Squidville rise up and conquer MCNSA — I’ll be the first at the gates.



    I seem to remember you saying to me that I could build in your town when you made it. (You said you reserve a spot for when I got elder, when I was priest) Are you still going to make the town? Because I would love to live there.

    Ps How do I change my usergroup on the forums to cardinal…


    Alright, I have a few things to say. Although I don’t know you all that well, from what I have seen from you, you are a great guy. You always are helping and making people laugh, hell I know you have made ma laugh at least once or twice. I am sure I can speak for everyone in saying that you are a great person to have on this server. Yes that “wall of text” was amazing. I can’t believe you took the time to write all that, and I can tell you mean every drop of it. You are right with the fact that the admins (including Nsanidy) need to actually PLAY the game. They really need to take a little time off, even if for one day, to actually have FUN. I thank you for the section about cardinals, and the others (I say cardinal because I am one) because it really struck me and told me how much you really care about everyone on this server. I appreciate you and I do look up to you. I hope to get to know you better in the future.


    The Squid has Spoken

    and to 1000 more logins!!


    Nice write-up, Squid 🙂

    Don’t know you as well I should like (Oh, I so want to continue with this Hobbit style), but seriously – very nice writeup (though I am not a troll! :P).

    Hope we all get to stick around with this community in the times to come!


    I got about halfway through reading before I lost heart. . . but, later, I shall return for the thrilling conclusion of your massive text! I had fun working on that monster grinder with you Squid! Too bad it didn’t quite get the yields we were hoping for. . . but I enjoy seeing you around the server, and this is an awesome post. Grat’s on 1000 logins! 😀


    @Woparsons wrote:

    I seem to remember you saying to me that I could build in your town when you made it. (You said you reserve a spot for when I got elder, when I was priest) Are you still going to make the town? Because I would love to live there.

    Ps How do I change my usergroup on the forums to cardinal…

    Alas, I remember this too. This was for the third revival of Squidville. I still have plans for it in the future, how far, I do not know. You shall be guaranteed a spot next to me when it gets built.

    p.s. IDKLOL


    Squid, you don’t know how much this took me away when I read this.
    You are by far one of the best guys on here, and you seem to put up with my sometimes childishness very well. I have had some of the best times on the server spent with you, from Hammtana, and you helping me fix someones house I accidentally blew up, to the party at Squid Inc, to everyday. I hope you can stay around forever, because I know I will be here as long as the server is still alive. Even then I will try to stay in contact with you guys (let’s hope this never has to happen, eh?)
    Squid, a sincere thankyou for all the great times we’ve had together.
    (p.s I just watched you log out in the playerbar at the top)
    Cheers man


    Also, anyone know how I can get my name to Pink and Bishop? 😛


    First: Congratulations on 1000 logins! It’s very impressive.

    Second: I know you probably don’t know who I am. That’s fine, but I’ll still say that story/text/post/something weird was nice (and it probably took a while to write).

    Third: Hope you get Blessed soon!


    @Woparsons wrote:

    Ps How do I change my usergroup on the forums to cardinal…


    Send a forum mod a message. You can tell who they are by their avatar badges. 😉


    Squid, congrats on 1000 logins.

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