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    Suggestion by: bobbers (for those who don’t know who he is, he is my brother and although he does not play much on the minecraft server, but he can often be found in mumble or leaguing with our fellow mcnsa’ers.

    Due date: 20th of June, 2012
    Discussion: 20th-30th June, 2012

    “Being a supervillain means never having to say you’re sorry … Unless it’s to the judge or the parole board. Even then, you don’t really have to. It’s not like it’s going to change the outcome or anything.”

    Those are the words of Calvin Matthew Stringel, better known as Mechani-Cal. He’s a sarcastic, down on his luck armored villain. Follow his exploits as he gets swept up in a world domination scheme gone wrong and ends up working for this weak willed, mercy loving heroes. Immerse yourself in his epic battles and see what it’s like to be an outsider looking in at a world that few have ever experienced.

    Climb into Cal’s battlesuit and join him on his journey. Will he avoid selling out his principles for a paycheck and a pardon? Can he resist the camaraderie of being on a super team? Does he fall prey to the ample charms of the beautiful Olympian Aphrodite? How will he survive the jealous schemes of Ultraweapon, who wears armor so powerful it makes Cal’s look like a museum piece?

    See the world of “righteous do-gooders” through the eyes of someone who doesn’t particularly care for them.

    And remember – Losing an argument with a group of rioters isn’t a good excuse to start lobbing tear gas indiscriminately at them. You’ve only got so many rounds and it’s going to be a long day, so make sure you get as many as possible with each one.
    (from Goodreads.com)

    If you have an Kindle or other Ereader you can find it for them. My brother read it about two months ago suggested it for the book club and once finding out the random fates decided upon this book for the book club he is going to re-read it to hopefully participate with us(so basically I’m saying is that out of the two readers who have read this book both are glad to own a copy of it). Of course remember your libraries are a great way to get a hold of a book if you are tight on cash and I know in my town the library does do lend outs on ebooks so check it out, and find a way to grab a copy and start reading!

    Let the literary escape begin!


    I think I might actually read this one.


    So, who else has finished this VERY delicious book? It was such a quick read, went by SUPER fast!


    I’m actually about a quarter of a way thru this… its pretty awesome. I recommend people go get this book 🙂


    Sorry it took a few days for me to respond.

    Alright, so those of you who have read, or are reading this…How do you feel about this book? Good, bad, or just Okay? I personally loved it, it was engaging and a quick read. I finished it in about four days, probably could have read it in a day.


    I fucking loved this book, and the fact it was on sale from Amazon just sweetened the deal.

    I’m not sure if its because the protagonist had a great mixture of being AWESOME, as well as being super realistic and pessimistic over-all. The love story that developed was pretty good too, and for the most part was believable-ish. The fact he had to take apart his previous projects and work out how to do the next one again and again was pretty swell.

    I also love the entire theme of the book (don’t judge book by its cover, pretty typical romance, the psych-out at the end, etc). Would definitely read again, and would definitely recommend to people, even people who don’t read. I too could have easily read this thing in a day; it was just delicious.


    Finally finished it! I really loved this book. I’ll be getting his other books to read, hoping they’re near as good. 🙂

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