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    This was easily my favorite dream ever. I wrote it down for something else, and decided that maybe someone here would enjoy it. (this is copyrighted, I’m going to turn it into a short story, no stealing please)

    The dream started in a large pavilion in the middle of the forest, with benches here and there. It looked a lot like the pavilions at Fort Wilderness up at Disney Florida (because I was recently there :P), but along with regular pillars, it was lined with giant tikis with angry faces, lit from below with firelight from small fireplaces. The entire pavilion (which was pretty big) was packed with tons of people standing or sitting shoulder to shoulder. They seemed to have been picked entirely at random, being women, children, men, elderly, so on. The entire pavilion was surrounded by lush jungle, and it was, of course, nighttime. All of the people had been teleported to this place against their will.

    I found some of my friends there, and also my brother! One person, a chubby kid, I didn’t actually know. Amazingly enough, I met him a year later at summer camp.

    An announcer appeared, and he looked like the ringmaster of a carnival. I don’t remember exactly what was said, since I had this dream around 3 years ago, but the general idea was that everyone would go out into the forest in a challenge, and some would be killed. You would need to go out, complete said challenge, then come back to the pavilion. Challenge one was to locate some artifacts in the jungle. Basically common items protected by a deadly danger.

    Me and my friends and brother ran off into the jungle, cautiously. Some people hung back, and were either chased out or killed by the ringmaster and his assistants, who were either particularly frightening people, mutant animals, or the tiki heads themselves. We could see other people running into the forest around us. I remember a jaguar lion creature tackled one person, and was too preoccupied with eating him to bother with us. Another fell into a spiked pitfall trap.

    After a bit of running into the jungle, we came across a clearing with a palm tree in the middle. Atop the palm tree were shoes. They were all of different styles and colors. The most notable shoes were Red basketball shoe hi-tops, green converse hi-tops, dark blue skate shoes, and white Nikes.

    Everyone climbed for their own shoes, as those were the unspoken rules that seemed to make sense, being a dream. It turns out some shoes were booby trapped, as the blue skate shoes jumped on one of my friends faces like a headcrab and knocked him from the tree, where he died from suffocation and broken body parts. The rest of us began to put on our shoes to take them back to the pavilion, but my brother has grabbed the green converse, and when he put them on, each grew teeth and began to whir like a woodchipper from hell, and it ate him alive, throwing guts all over. When it reached his crotch, the shoes tore him in half and each grinded their half.

    Being scared of the same happening to us, the rest of us stopped putting on the shoes and ran with them in hand back the the pavilion. Along the way, another mutated animal, a giant bird, swooped another friend from the pack. Once we returned, the ringmaster congratulated us and the other survivors on our victory in round one. There were a lot of survivors actually. While we waited for the next challenge for about 45 minutes, I began talking to a father-son pair, the son was the chubby kid mentioned above. After events I do not recall, I got on good terms with them, and the two agreed to join us on the next challenge.

    The ringmaster soon announced that our next challenge was to, either individually or in a group, kill a horror movie creature. Some examples included Scream, Jigsaw, Godzilla, and the Grudge.

    Being particularly frightened of this daunting task, we all went off together. Me, my surviving friends, and the kid and his father. As we went through the woods, we were all either separated or killed. Me and the kid ended up at the mouth of what looked like the inside of an air ventilation shaft, though larger and more sewer-like. We entered, and as we walked through this maze, video game style messages appeared at the bottom of our vision (the ones with a picture of the person speaking, and the words scrolling next to it in a white box). The Grudge Child was talking to us as if we were in an RPG…

    He kept threatening us, making thudding and croaking sounds. We would occasionally see him crawling around a corner, as if he was leading us. We eventually arrived in a rather large room, where all the useless vents connected together. It was studded with mirrors. Here, we had a short conversation which ended in me basically telling the Grudge Child to “come and get us!”. So yeah, I was being intelligent.

    Anyway, he came at us with teleportation, in a truly non-Grudge Child-like fashion. Whenever he looked at us, the life force would drain from us, and we would be unable to move. Me and the kid saved each other by pushing either each other or the Grudge Child away, disrupting the soul-stealing. After awhile, through using video game text ourselfs, and reaching a general strategical stalemate with the Grudge Child, we decided to lure him into looking at himself in a mirror with soul stealing turned “on”.

    After a couple failed attempts, we got him looking at himself, and, just as expected, the poor little Grudge Child couldn’t move, and sucked his soul until he shriveled like a prune, then did a cute little “pop”! thingy, leaving his red shorts behind. We took those as proof of our victory, and went back to the pavilion, where a significant amount of people had been eliminated. We presented our proof of victory, and took our place at the now only semi-crowded “still alive” area.

    The next challenge was short and an intended surprise. The ringmaster let the tikis and assistants armed with flaming whips assault us for a period of time. They were mostly distracted by others, so me and the kid, the only surviving members of our group, made it through with only a little trouble. Not too many people died that round, and the ringmaster had his assistants promptly toss the dead bodies into the fireplaces at the feet of the tikis.

    The next round was announced to be a challenge in which the mutated animals would assault us in the jungles until only around 10 remained, at which point we were instantly teleported, free of harm, back to the pavilion. The challenge has just begun, and the safety forcefields on the pavilion had been lowering, letting a few mutant cheetahs in to devour some people, when I slipped out of the dream. I tried to head back in, because it was so awesome, but unfortunately, I was up for good.

    Hope you enjoyed!


    Sounds like an adventure your imagination can really expand on. Good read.

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