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    So… Idea

    There have been a fair few airships built on this server, and they have been pretty damn spectacular. I propose that we should form a moveable city, composed of a fleet of airships (and real boats if we’re over water), that travels across the server to cities, to big projects, to exotic islands and to the middle of nowhere. This has the added bonus of being able to traverse map resets as well.

    Anyone would be able to build a ship, and it’s inclusion into the fleet would be at the discretion of the mods (and people with a good eye for design) who are involved. Size shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but obviously don’t make gigantic water7 sized behemoth. Each ship would be contained as a world edit schematic so the ships could be placed around cities and landscapes as seen fit by the mod who moves it. The previous versions of the ships will be destroyed after the fleet moved on.

    Just a few of the ship that are about on the server at the moment:

    Dantao’s epic ship that inspired me

    Jareth’s old girl who toured the server back in November last year. (she hit a tree)

    My boat derping about in the ocean

    If you’re interested in joining the fleet, post here or grab me ingame!

    P.S. One thing that may not be clear, anyone will be able to visit the airships (bridges and ladders) but you will not be able to use your ship as a house (items in chests will be removed on transit 🙁 ).

    P.S.S. Ships MUST be complete. I will not be updating the schematics every time the boats move (though if you make a huge change to your ship I will of course update the schematic 🙂 )


    Hah, I have a few airship schematics I’ve built from several maps ago 😛 I’m also in the middle of building a huge ship… I’d love to join 😀

    my /home is in the middle of a massive ocean if you’d like to start there!


    Think I’ll have a go at building an airship, mind if I join the fleet? 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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