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    First things first. I will be continuing my campaign, I know it has been a while since we have run it but I have been working on it(or if not the actually the campaign, at least the campaign’s world). Now what I want to know is who is still wanting to continue on, what nights you guys want to run it (My only restriction is Saturday nights since I have to go to work early the next day, and this is also my night for shenanigans with my brothers and our mutual friends) and anything else you guys feel you need to bring to my attention.

    I’m also open to others joining us if they feel like it. The only thing, like I told the others is I don’t want people dropping in and out constantly so if you can’t commit think twice before asking to join my campaign because for the days you aren’t there either myself or someone else in the group will run your character and you will have to deal with the consequences of their/my actions as your character. Though I’m not going to be running it every night, more then likely I will go to my original plan of once every two weeks, or once every week if every member who is playing really wants us to play more then that. Not, “eh sure why not?” it will have to be a “Yes, yes please let us play an extra night!?” from every member.


    What time and what system do you guys play?


    You know I’m dying to play. I love your campaign, and what with Farblade never running his, I’ve been running seriously dry on good DnD. >_<


    I very much want to continue. 😀 And I’m pretty sure I’m free to play just about any time.


    I would love to join, when do y’all think you’d be playing and what kind of character should we have? (lvl, restrictions)


    Normally we played on Monday late evening, Tuesday when ever everyone was available, or Wednesday when people were available. Unfortunately between me getting a little swamped with work, real life issues, sickness and other people being either hard to catch or no one wanting to vote in on which day we all wanted to play for the week it stopped. We haven’t played in a while though I’ve still been planning stuff for the campaign. So now I just need to know who wants to play, when they want to play and how often.

    Right now the campaign I’m running it supposed to be horror, weather or not its lived up to that so far? Well you’ll have to ask my players. I’ll also be willing to run another campaign that’s a little less strict on people jumping in and out if people would be interested. Keep in mind though, if I do decided to run a second one my horror campaign will be put to once every two weeks, and the secondary campaign will be once every two weeks not lining up the horror one.


    Hmm, I’m from europe so that’d probably be the time when I sleep, so I guess I can’t make it then.


    Well Devils, I am on a lot of the time when you are cause of my afternoon- evening schedule at work so its possible that I could run a campaign that would work for you and others like you.


    I’d most likely be down for that then. 🙂 By the way, you didn’t answer, what system do you run?


    I’m free whenever, Rose. The day that works best for everyone else, or you, is the day that works best for me. I’d also like to run it every week, but if that’s not going to be something we can do, then every other week is also fine. ^-^


    Kinda swamped with finalities of finishing my college career, but if it’s still around when I’m done mid may I could look into joining if possible. I’ll be done with our current 3.5 campaign either for good or for the summer.


    Sorry Devils, we run pathfinder with 3.5 stuffs. Pathfinder because its easier for people, though I’m a pure 3.5 fan myself.


    Sweet, it’s not 4e, thank nsanidy. 😀 Alright, I’ll be waiting for more details on the time then.


    Me and Wydg would be available on mondays or sundays -I think-. Those are the only two days we both don’t have something pre-schedueled to eternity.


    Sorry guys for the lack of word on this. It just seems like its near impossible to get everyone together and when we do…well half the group doesn’t want to do it or one person wants to do something else which leaves us with the question weather to just play with out them or not.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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