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    So, I read up about this “book exploit” for 1.3.2 and 1.4.2 on a forum somewhere. I honestly didn’t believe it, so I installed the BetterBooks mod and made a book. I looked up the Minecraft enchantments IDs and enchanted the book with sharpness 32,000, looting 32,000 and knockback 32,000.

    I still didn’t really believe it, so UntouchablePansy and I went to hit a skeleton. It was an instant kill and items absolutely exploded out of it. There were probably over 60,000 arrows/bones on the ground. My FPS instantly hit 0, same with Pansy’s and we tried to talk, but it was really hard. We managed to get a few sentences in, though. We said that we hit a skeleton and the server is probably crashing because of it. We were freaking out, and we did infact, expect a ban.

    Pansy and I waited about 10 minutes for the items to despawn but they didn’t. ridddle came on the server later on and teleported to us and checked our inventory. He saw the book, burned the items and banned both of us.

    Now, first of all, we did not intend to crash, lag or disturb the players at all. If we had of known that it would’ve done that, we would’ve thrown the book out.

    As you probably know, I’ve been playing on MCNSA for quite a bit of time now, probably about a year maybe, but along that year, a few of my Minecraft accounts were stolen, so I had to pretty much format my PC and buy a new account, because I was infected.

    MCNSA was/is definitely my favourite server, out of all the servers I played on. I’m really guilty about this, and I’m more than happy to make a sincere apology to the entire server on Mumble or whatever for the inconvenience I caused.

    Again, I’m really sorry, to Kwinno especially. Pansy was whitelisted on the server on my word, and I pretty much just betrayed him. I did see the thread that ridddle made.

    I know that this is probably not going to happen, but I would really appreciate a second chance on the server.



    You’ve had more than one, second chance, granted not based off glitches/exploits but it remains the same. If you’ve been here so long, and love this server so much you should know how we feel about these things.

    Not only did you do these things but it was posted all over general chat, thus giving tons of other people the ability to do what you did. If others had done what you did and lagged a ton of chunks, it could have crashed the server, or someone may have never been able to log back in because they were fairly new and didn’t know much about MCNSA itself to be able to get a hold of someone to fix their chunk.

    If you were just trying an exploit, why try it here? Create your own server to do it. Don’t even experiment with this on other servers because its just poor form all around.

    I do not believe you nor your friend will be allowed back on the server.


    If you were just trying an exploit, why try it here? Create your own server to do it. Don’t even experiment with this on other servers because its just poor form all around.

    And, just the other day, you were talking about how you owned your own server and did your own faction thing – you could have EASILY logged in there instead of logging in here. I’m not sure why you did it on MCNSA. Heck, you could have done it on a single player world.


    as you read the thread ridddle made you are aware of my stance.
    it stays that way and i cannot believe how retarded you are to even try it on mcnsa. Like posted above try it on your own server and be a good lad and report it on mcnsa to the mods….

    i say no, i even talked with you guys, requesting to behave since whitelisting an unknown player is always a risk.
    and dude if you do come back… dont expect a hint of niceness of me… i’m very annoyed with this.



    I may be mistaken, but aren’t you 12-13? If so, this isn’t an attack but praise towards your knowledge and (in contrast to others your age) maturity with this matter.

    That said, it seems that you have reached a learning curve which just so happens to be at our/Kwinno’s expense. I would genuinely like you back since I hope you have learnt from this mistake and will not repeat it, or anything similar. I’m finding it hard to see this as malicious and it more being simple naivety, we are all guilty of that.

    Test on your own server fool!


    It’s not that you used that exploit and your friend posted it plain text in chat. You’ve been repeatedly smacked for inciting fights and trash-talking at least one player on MCNSA. It’s abuse and nobody among staff will stand for it.

    The only way I could see you again on MCNSA is in 2013, with Guest rank. Exactly the kind of deal microsoftt got.


    I know I’m not part of the people who decide these sorts of things, but for what little it’s worth, I agree with Adam. Incredible dumbness has occurred, but if Anti is being honest, then he’s handling this with quite a lot of maturity. Giving him the same treatment as Micro seems like a very strange idea to me.


    Is anypne else feeling some deja-vu from yhe days of sloth? I may be out of line here, but Id say goodbye.


    I mentioned my opinion elsewhere, but I’ll put it here: Antigrate’s had his chance, and there’s no reason to give him more. A long ban or a permanent ban would be my choices.


    I personally really don’t like ongoing problem players. From what I’ve read here you had a 24h ban close to the day before this happened. I personally would not like to see you un-banned because you don’t seem very shameful and you have been around for a long time, so you should know the rules and know what happens to a player when they use an exploit instead of reporting it to a mod. You should have just ignored that it existed and probably should have checked that the mods know that it is a possible problem. If you had just used the exploit you may have had a chance at getting pardon’d. But you betrayed Kwinno and pissed him off to the point that he didn’t even want to see a ban appeal. If you do get un-banned then I hope you learn your lesson. If you don’t, then I hope you use this situation as a lesson to better yourself in hopes of learning your lesson.


    I don’t know what to say. I mean as a priest I respect anyone Elder+. I really thought you were a good guy. I’ve done some stupid things but this would top them all. I think give him the same treatment as microsoftt. It sounds like a good punishment.

    P.S. What did Microsoftt do?
    P.P.S Loving the temp map!!



    >give him the same treatment as Microsoftt
    >doesn’t know what Microsoftt did

    Kay, tl;dr version is that a problem-player was given power for some reason, and inevitably failed to be responsible with it. That being said, I suppose one line can be drawn between Anti and Micro. After all, with power comes responsibility– whether that’s being given a moderating position, or walking around with a book that can crash the server. There’s very little room for error, and even less room for reckless stupidity. While we all can have lapses in judgement, it becomes increasingly important to think things through when the consequences affect others.


    Ok, ok, sorry it is my fault. I linked two instances.

    It was not my point.

    My point was that Antigrate is a player who keeps abusing people in chat and needs a long timeout from MCNSA. On top of that, he exploited us. Most mods in server forum seem to agree that it’s a major offense.


    I’m very disappointed in you Antigrate. You should know better.


    Where is Nsan in all of this? I understand the no hacking rule is pretty serious, but based on the story it sounds like he didn’t think it would actually work and was just testing it. I would find it more offensive if he actually abused it or had intentions to crash the server which it certainly doesn’t seem like he did. He said that he was lagging too bad to speak in chat so I don’t know how he was expected to report it when he can’t type. Ridddle supposedly came on before the items even despawned which means they didn’t have much time to file some kind of report on the forums or contact a higher up by other means either. I personally think this was blown a bit out of proportion. Even if he’s gotten in trouble before recently, ban him for a week or so and demote him. Banned FOREVER for a bug that he didn’t even think was real? C’mon.

    To be fair, I don’t know him all that well. From my perspective this all seems a bit ridiculous though. If there’s information I’m missing then by all means, enlighten me.

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