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    So guess what our dear Antigrate (Elder) and UntouchablePansy (Guest, invited on Antigrate’s word) did today.

    They decided to use an exploit to get enchanted books with ridiculous enchantment levels on them.

    From what I understand when I teleported to them, they killed a skeleton with that book. And because the fucking book had Looting 40, they slowed their chunk to crawl with items that exploded from Skeleton. Which made the whole server lag.

    They are banned now because not only they used hacks and not only they endangered the whole server, they also betrayed our trust.

    If you decide to use such hack, you will meet exactly the same fate.


    fuck him man
    if you can still read this antigrate
    you betrayed my trust in you…
    please DONT try to submit an appeal, ill try everything to prevent you coming back


    I hope bukkit fixes that bug when they update.


    Let me preface by saying I have TRIED to keep up with all of the new updates, and I’m still trying, so don’t flame me for this but…

    …what in the fuck did they do?

    They hacked some shit in a book and killed a mob with it? Then the mob exploded with XP?

    What kind of fucked-up glitch is that? That’s like regular Nintendo-level shit.

    Most importantly, if they knew about it, and exploited it instead of telling Admins, they dun goof’d, as it shows an unwillingness to be trustworthy as well as a willingness t endanger the server, as Ridd said.


    Antigrate: If you are reading this, I would very much like to hear what you have to say for yourself.

    You know the rules and you know not to use exploits. Don’t you even dare try to say you don’t. Exploits are something you should inform the admins about. There are glitches in Minecraft like this, and they get removed, because they’re not supposed to be part of the game. The slightest bit of sense will tell you that abusing these glitches isn’t acceptable on a survival server.

    Above Kwinno has said he wouldn’t like a ban appeal, and I’m on the verge of feeling the same way. But MCNSA is a place of second chances and sometimes third chances (if not beyond). If you want to be here, and we believe you are sincerely apologetic, there might still be a place and time here for you. What that place is, and when that time will be is something that would be decided later, though.

    I’m very disappointing to see this, please do explain what happened. And for the love of all that keeps me sane, no bullshit.


    Dood. That is just cold. 🙁


    He had only just had a 24 hour ban the day before…


    Oh wow, well this is quite unfortunate. I like Anti, but obviously anything of this nature is really cut-and-dry, especially when the use of a modded client is involved. Having a wacky God-book that breaks the game might be pretty hilarious in another context, but there isn’t any question that it’ll get you banned from here. I just hope that Anti can learn from this, and when heads have cooled off and sentences have been served, we can see a heartfelt apology and appeal. As Pat said, this is a server that gives second chances, sometimes more, and at least in my personal experience, Anti’s been a helpful and productive player on the server, certainly a positive force overall. But hey, I wasn’t here when this incident occurred, so maybe I don’t know the whole picture.


    I…. I am just shocked. I know I haven’t been on the server in a while, but I do keep up with the forums. I might not even have the grounds to say this but here I go anyways. I played on MCNSA for a while before my leave, and this is just, sad. I met you antigrate, talked to you a couple times before I left. I thought you were a swell guy. I don’t know what kind of “excuse” you could come up with, but I feel like nothing would repair the damage you have done, not physically but mentally. The fact that a trusted Elder of our community would not only betray the trust of the mods like this, but do so in such a horrible way. You have most likely made it so that there will be little or NO chance for guests to ever come onto the server during a white-list again. You have ruined it for other players who just want to come into the server and meet new people, have fun, and build amazing things. I truly feel sorry for Kwinno, and I personally would be equally as pissed off. I agree with Kwinno, I don’t feel that you should be allowed back onto the server, you obviously don’t have the maturity level to handle it. Maybe, just, MAYBE if you really can show you are apologetic, and are mature enough, then I might believe you should get a second, or from what I hear a third chance, but frankly, you have ruined all hope from me. Really, truly I am disappointed more than anything.


    I seriously doubt that Antigrate reads this, Galustee.


    That’s ok I just needed to express how much disbelief I was in. Whether he reads it or not.

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