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    The overworld subway/train system has opened it’s first connection. With Central Station located at the delightful City of Deepmill (-149, -1655), the first connection will take you to the restful Town of Shaotonzitan. The connection will carry you at lightning speed, and you’ll have traveled 2846 blocks in just a few minutes! Check it out!

    What’s the cost?: The subway system is free to use, just bring your minecart.

    How can you help with this mega project?: We can always use towns/cities to build a connection with our central station. The more connections we add, the more useful the system becomes and everyone benefits! If you are a resident of a town/city, simply build a tunnel to our station, place as much rail as you can, and I will handle the leftovers.
    If you would rather just donate, you can either transfer po8 to myself (Foveo) so I can purchase rail/rail equipment, or you can donate your rail/rail equipment to the chest located at the Central Station/message me so I can meet you at spawn.

    A quick thank you to those who have helped thus far, in no particular order:
    I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few people, I’m sorry if I forgot! Message me in game if so I will add you to the list!

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