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    Hey MCNSA Family, (If I can still call you that) how has everyone been doing? I haven’t been on in a long time, but I keep up with the forums everyday. I’d like to hear the cool things that have been happening that may not have been posted on the forums, or maybe some really cool builds. Don’t be shy, let me know everything that you can. I miss you guys, but I won’t be coming back to MCNSA’s server, for reasons I don’t really want to discuss, so I need my information on here!

    Tl;Dr: Tell me what’s been going on, I miss you guys!



    Of course you’re family 😮 Let’s see… Horse mania. Lots of people are obsessed with them. There are some nice barns owned by Basic, built by ArgosNever (deathtobubba) that are really slick looking and filled to the brim with horses and livestock. g0dslayer (re there more numbers in that name?) is building some crazy tower in the jungle. He’s not entirely sure where he’s going with it, but it’s awesome. doby5 caught some of the first horses and has bred many since.

    We’ve got a creative universe (I don’t think it’s open yet), and are going to release a hardcore universe and a sky challenge universe, all on this map. We’ve got the Build Hall, Connect Four, good old Falling Sand. Oh! Meg’s brought the Globe back! It’s as glorious as ever. We’ve got some plugins that let you make cobble/stonebrick mossy by right clicking it with slime, and you can retrieve it again by punching it. You can also crack stone brick. We’ve also made our own custom recipes so you can craft saddles and nametags for.

    We just added a plugin that names fish (Tuna, Trout, Swordfish, etc.) and gives it a weight so you can compete for the biggest catch, as well as having a random chance to fish up something like old boots, iron, even chainmail pieces, hostile mobs like slimes, or squids 😀

    We’ve got a sexy new spawn. There’s a picture on the subreddit but that doesn’t do it enough justice. We’ve got a tutorial hub (being transferred over from last map) that’s going to explain MCNSA’s plugins, rules, basic commands, etc., so that spawn doesn’t get clogged up with signs. There’s also a redstone tutorial, which I’m working on but it’s already pretty informative and easy to use.

    We have the Citizens 2 plugin, which we’re still getting to know, which lets us create NPC’s. We can give them scripts so players can use them for information, make them guards or enemies, make them walk around a certain path, but what’s most fun is that we can change them to any mob type, and even make them ridable. Oh the fun times I’ve had with enderdragons…

    The map is, I think, 20k in each direction and has large biomes, so there’s assloads of room (but also huge oceans :/). Since I became a mod a few others have joined the team including greypo, BeefyJerk, Lygarine and Evil_K9. You know those guys, right? We’re getting 20 players easy online at once, and it jumps to 30-40 on weekends.

    A few players had a go and took down the enderdragon last night. Basic has the egg. Which reminds me, we’ve got plans for some custom adventures, storylines, quests, areas. We’ve got somany toys now it’s a little overwhelming. There’s bound to be some cool adventures coming out of all that.

    Soooo yeah, it’s pretty awesome ;D And I’m treating myself to some Survival gameplay. Fortune III diamond pick, mother fucker. Hope we can see you on some time soon. Take it easy o/


    @RogueHaven wrote:

    Meg’s brought the Globe back! It’s as glorious as ever.

    For the record, BlackroseBronwen brought the Globe back. I am a builder and a mole, but she is the designer and was the person inspired enough to do this crazy project. She has the final say in *everything*, as again – it’s her project 😀


    Oh, well fuck that Meg guy. He’s just in it for the Globe. Rose is the inspired brilliant architect 🙂


    Ah well that sounds absolutely amazing. I might hop on and check out some of the builds sooner or later. I would love to see the restored globe, and the new spawn. Sounds like you guys are having all sorts of fun without me :'(. Anyways, just checking. Thanks for the update Rogue!

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