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    Before this starts i wanna say that im writing kinda ”Lazy” because ive already cleared this up with some mods, im not banned, but NSA said that i should post this. Lastly, im using smileys because im okay with the punishments you have/may give me.

    Ok, so im gonna clear some things up about why im PEON and what happend.

    So, the server was glitchy and you could duplicate and i duplicated diamonds.

    Thats the short story, heres the full: So when i duplicated the diamonds, i hid them underground. Not because i wanted to hide them from the MODS, but i didnt want my pals to know about the diamonds, AKA i got cocky. lol xD

    Anyways, i hid the diamonds, took like 10 of the diamonds. Now i thought it was not against the rules to duplicate it, because it dont say on the rules and mods giveaway free items sometimes witch is not a problem. But, yea thats the reason i thought it was okay.

    Now after i hid the diamonds, i forgot all about it and about 3 days later i found out that it was against the rules, but 3 days later i had forgot about the diamonds so i thought everything was normal. I will admit that i had like a feeling that i did something wrong, but again i had forgot that i had them. So i peon’d and here we are.

    Now, im not really mad because i would probably react the same. And i dont really mind beeing peon for like 2 weeks even though i didnt know lol xD

    So, yea if theres more questions im happy to answer. (I probably wrote pretty bad , but thats because I live in Norway, and thats not the 1st languege there…. And we eat Lutefisk lol)


    BTW, Lider has the same story as me because he was with me. And yea, this is for Lider too 😉


    I gotta say that i wrote ”bad” because im bad at writing English. And i also wanna apologise to the people ive ”snitched”. Last thing, this happend like 3 weeks ago, not the glitch that happend yesterday….


    Well, I’m just happy to know that you aren’t mad..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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