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    Was in the nether and fought against a fire slime. Because of lag, was unable to deal a blow to the slime while it was able to hit me 3 times in quick succession. After a few seconds I died and the death screen came up. Pressed ok, and was able to respawn back into the server (no items and gear) about 6k away from my base. Told teh_status, and others on the server bout the situation and since it wasn’t really fair that i was able to respawn (and w/ no food and village to be seen) suicided myself.

    Just thought this was the place I could post this too so the error could be fixed and what not 🙂


    thanks for reporting this and we’ll look into it asap


    Yes, that happened to me with an Iron Golem.

    If I remember right the server registers that you are dead and mobs don’t Aggro onto you. But maybe I just wasn’t close enough.

    If you disconnect it registers the ban and even the time since the death, so if you had played for an hour after the glitch occured then it’d be 11 hours.

    And it’s worth noting that while (If) mobs don’t aggro onto you you still loose food so it’s still possible to die again, in case anyone wants to exploit this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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