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    Irdoom1337 went on the flatcore server and jokingly said that we were duping we were both immediately banned.
    he said “me and roo duped 3 stacks of diamond”
    Irdoom1337 says he is sorry and wont joke about these types of things anymore.
    In game names: Irdoom1337, roostergoblin

    irdoom1337 also got banned on for griefing.spawn.
    This is his first offence on
    he placed cacti around spawn so that people couldn’t get out. He didn’t really destroy anything.
    He thought it would just be a minor inconvenience and that no one would really care. (his plan was to watch the noobs who were to dumb to remove the cacti die)
    None the less he is sorry and it wont happen again.


    Checked your inventory, you seem clear. Unbanned.


    what about dooms ban on s.mcnsa ?


    No idea what happened there.


    appearantly he got banned for griefing spawn on our temp map.
    He can always submit his own appeal, explaining what happened and it will be reviewed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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