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    1. We are moving to a new server box, courtesy of Sirenfal.

    2. The map weighs a few gigabytes and it takes much longer than expected to copy it through network (download, upload)

    3. Because of that, we are currently on a temporary map. Here’s what you need to know about it:

    • Your home / dungeon / build / base is preserved – it will come back when the map is restored, and so will your inventory.
    • When you die, you will most likely respawn far far away from spawn. Sometimes in rock. Type /spawn and /sethome to fix it. The reason for this is that map folder was replaced with a new one, while configuration wasn’t.
    • Because of that, WorldGuard regions are still in place – so you might think that you are in Obsidia, when you’re really not – as I said, it’s a temp map.
    • You can encounter some lava or weird terrain. Don’t fret – it’s WorldEdit testing that’s gone haywire. Ask mods to clean up if you’re stuck and they should happily do so.

    Once again I’d like to apologize in name of the whole staff – there was little communication about the situation. Because we also have a new post on /r/mcservers, please try to be polite and explaining to new players who arrive to see the current, boring temp map. Ask them to come back later, if you can.

    Remember that while it’s a temp map, we strive to keep our good name and quite a lot of fame. Server will be back to business today/tomorrow – meanwhile, show your best.

    Thank you


    Thanks for the heads up..


    Talked to nsan, the executive decision has been made to postpone the move further because of the issues with the map being fucking gigantic and taking forever to upload.


    Perhaps a new map is in order? (ducks for cover)


    As far as we know… nope. 😀


    I wouldn’t mind a new map, if that’s what needs to happen.


    I would definitely support a new map.


    i think a new map would be a good idea


    I’d also support a new map! A fresh start always boosts my creativity!

    Edit: As a side note, if we started a new map, it would make the transition a lot quicker, right? Because we could just bring over an empty map instead of this enormous map.


    I agree with the rest, a new map would be wonderful.


    Please do not make a new map. I am so close to finishing my tardis. Having it ripped away from me would probably make me quit minecraft.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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