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    I will fill this with more information later but for now this will be a basic guide of how to get Feed-The-Beast installed. This is geared towards windows from what I understand Mac requires Java 6+. Other mac users are welcome to expand upon how they got it to work.

    So you’ve heard the rumors and you’re ready to explore the epicness of feed-the-beast. But where do you start this adventure? Well at of course! From here you will be met with the main website you will want to click the download tab which will drag you to this page.

    From here you will choose the .exe client. Press the button and you’ll be ran through the same routine. With a prompt to save / run the file. The choice is yours.

    Once you’ve either saved or ran the .exe and let it install itself. You will be met with this screen.

    You’ll want to create your account, do this by by clicking the select profile scroll option. It will prompt you with this screen. Enter in your MINECRAFT account information, FTB does not use a separate account, it uses your minecraft credentials to log in and use the modpack.

    Now select the Direwolf20 Pack on the left side. This is important as FTB servers use specific modpacks. Once you select the modpack click launch in the bottom right hand corner. It will start to update the modpack as such.

    From here it will update itself then show a FTB screen followed by a Mojang logo. It may take a few moments to load so don’t go exiting out unless its taking several minutes. Once there you’ll notice the usual minecraft interface, configure your options to your liking and proceed by clicking the Multiplayer button and then click Add Server.

    And you’re done! Now enjoy Feed-the-beast!

    Here is a reference link to the FTB Wiki to help you get started.


    When I try to log onto


    Looks like your trying to connect using a vanilla minecraft.




    usual troubleshooting

    Remove the ftb folder in %appdata% redownload and try again


    Instructions for Mac,

    Default Java installed (aka: herp derp derp, wat is Java): Download FTB_Launcher.jar (as opposed to .exe in Ereh’s tutorial),.

    As it’s very likely that you didn’t change default settings for Gatekeeper, simply opening the file won’t work.

    But it’s okay, easily fixable. Go to Downloads folder, right click the file, choose Open. When Gatekeeper warning will appear, click Open.

    Then follow Ereh’s instructions.

    If you installed Java 7 from Oracle, open and paste:

    /usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6.0 --exec java -Xms512M -Xmx3G -jar ~/Downloads/FTB_Launcher.jar

    This will use default Java 6 bundled with OS X.

    Tested on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

    Prepare to have the client crash a lot, because—well—organizing 66 mods into one bundle probably means a lot of memory leaks and FPS drops. Enjoy FTB!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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