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    Hey guys, figured I might as well actually use correct grammar/punctuation from now on, lol. @Basicthoughts love you buddy <3 XD :ugeek: Anyway, I need a nice new toy. I'm looking for a good war simulation game, something like Lord of the Realms 2 or Planetside 2(Lord of the Realms is old, and planetside keeps crashing every 15 minutes) so, yeah.

    EDIT: Preferably f2p, as I’m going to buy Red Faction: Guerrilla soon(bought armageddon, completely forgot to get guerrilla) but idc if it is or isnt


    Arma 3.


    So, you want a good war simulation gamme, buy a gun and fire a couple of rounds at a target, whether it’s a human target or not, i wont be held accountable for it but, it will pump blood through your veigns to fire anything from a handgun to a fully automatic assault rifle. Hope you enjoy my idea and take it under consideration.


    Did that last summer in Illinois with my godfather XD and that aint no game lol

    EDIT: Also, I’m 14 and have no money, so I can’t buy/legally own a gun XD
    EDIT: I would prefer something medeivalish but firstperson (As I said earlier, something like Lord of the Realms or something like Planetside 2(firstperson MMORPG war sim-control points and such))
    Have any MCNSAers actually played Lord of the Realms 2? lol


    Midevil fps only thing that comed to min quickly is Chivalry. Should be on steam.


    I’ve seen some vids on chivalry. It’s pretty dope. Might take some getting used to, but it looks fun as hell.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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