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    Well, not quite. Here’s what went down.

    During my AP Lang class today (English), the teacher was out. A substitute teacher was in. We had an assignment invloving the computers. I finished that assignment fairly quickly, so I dashed on over to the forums. I made a couple posts, and I stareted thinking about forum stats, forum activity and how they relate to in game activity and ranks ups from people who had become active on the forums. Then, I looked at the “last post” section of the forums and realized that I only needed to make two or three more posts to have the last post on EVERY FORUM. I quickly threw together some post or another to dominate the forums. I checked again at the end of the school day, saw some posts about what I’d done, and decided that I wanted to reply and own the forums again. I did. It gives me a huge kick. I cracked up reading responses to what I’d done. I hope you enjoy all the pink up here. I know I do. Have a great day MCNSA. I love you all.


    By chance, I actually did the same thing the next day!!!

    [attachment=0:c3j4g63x]MCNSA Forums.PNG[/attachment:c3j4g63x]



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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