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    Hi everyone, during the duration of 1.3.2 I used the MCNSA Modpack. I added Inventory Tweaks to it and it seemed to work fine without any issues with other mods. This is basically just a inventory management mod. Also I installed Zombe’s Modpack just for the safe mod feature. What this did was when toggled, it placed a yellow or red grid ontop of blocks that could spawn monsters. The yellow grid is to show that during the night, a monster can spawn ontop of that block. The red grid was to show that at any time during the day, a monster could spawn on that block. This worked very well to eliminate having to check light levels constantly (I know on the LocationInfo mod shows your current light level on the top of your screen but I’ve found it to be inaccurate). What would be nice is if someone could make a mod like this but stand alone so it could be in the modpack. I wouldn’t suggest adding Zombe’s Modpack to the MCNSA Modpack due to some mods being against the rules. If these features could be added that would be epic! 😀


    Hey, Bob. In your above post, I saw that you are/were using one of Zombe’s mods to check Mob spawning. I find that ShowMonsters works really well, and is very easy to use. I prefer it to Zombe’s mod because it is less visually intensive. Just a head-up, it’s up to you.


    How did I not know about something that lets you see where mobs can spawn? That would be extremely helpful!

    Thanks bob ^_^


    InvTweeks should be added to the modpack. (whispers to the mods). I do agree with you that Zombe’s Modpack might not be the best for MCNSA Modpack, but thanks for showing everybody!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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