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    I don’t quite know how to play, and will try it a bit more over the next week. Is there anything I should know, or any tips/secrets that are somewhere?

    Even a tutorial of how to play well would help.


    Don’t use abilities on the creeps, don’t attack them for the sake of attacking them. Try to only shoot them to kill them, getting the gold without pushing your lane, as a pushed lane is a vulnerable lane. Half the skill is getting as many creep kills as possible (often called CS), whilst preventing the enemy from farming them.

    Buy wards, put them in bushes, or in front of baron/dragon.

    Generally there is an attack damage carry (adc) on the bot lane, with a support.

    Mid lane is usually an ability power champion (ap)

    Top lane is usually one single champion, generally a tank, bruiser or assasin, with one champion going to farm in the jungle, and attempt to kill people in lanes. However, in the first few levels of play you are unlikely to see anyone jungling, there will be 2 people at top. You can generally tell someone is jungling by the summoner spell “Smite” being selected by them. It has the picture of a hand glowing.

    Don’t die.



    As a player that has dabbled in all the roles of LoL, my best advice is to find a role/lane you like to play, and get good at it. Then get damn good at support. My main two roles are now jungle and support, mainly because I prefer to step up and organize my team rather than let them play like a herd of cats. If you really like support and want to do that primarily, that works well, but still get good at another role in case some kid yells “support or feed” in all caps during your champion select.

    The more you level up the more aggrivated you will get at this game. Your ability to keep cool and overturn bad situations is what is going to distinguish you as a better player than most of the others. If you need coaching on a particular champion I’m willing to offer some insider tips/tricks that you can pack around for some good normal game lulz.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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