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    Don’t have a direct link at the moment as I am about to go home from work. But it adds a computer block as well as a disk and drive into the game. The computer is programmable with LUA and can emit redstone power from 5/6 sides. I have seen all sorts of stuff done with this along with whole operating systems made. If you think it’s interesting try it out. The community is pretty large for it and people add templates as well as their code all the time to their forum.


    This mod is included with the Technic mod pack. I haven’t had a chance to mess with that part yet (I’m still getting used to Equivalent Exchange, and everything else included in the Technic pack).

    Ah, here it is. ComputerCraft, yes?


    Yes that’s it. There is another forum as well with programs posted. To get the full use of this mod I really suggest downloading Notepad ++ if you dont already have it.

    Edit: Lol I forgot to link the forum… FAIL

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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