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    So I’m sure you quickly jumped into here wondering what it was about. Well I’ll tell you!

    I’d like to take the server in a new direction as far as how we configure things and brainstorm ideas on what new we can bring to the server. So I will give pooling everyone a shot. Here’s the deal I want to present you guys with general ideas, loose guidelines and a list of available tools to do it. From here we’ll discuss what can be added, altered, and removed.

    MCNSA is here for the community, and I want to make sure you are all having the best time you can. I know that Survival can get stagnant over time which is why I’ve tried to give you new toys and things to do. Like Craftbook, the extra worlds. Et cetera.

    So in this forum I’d like for you to post your wants, your likes, your dislikes, your hopes, your dreams, and anything else that tickles your fancy. All I ask is that you keep it civil and nothing derpy. Things like “A command to give me 10000 diamonds on demand!” will not be tolerated and this section of the forums will be heavily moderated to weed out the derp and stick to a clean and concise plan to improve the community and servers.

    Lastly, I want to see ABSOLUTELY no flaming of other people’s ideas. This is brainstorming, and even if you think someone’s idea is ridiculous please respect them for posting it and move on without causing them or others grief. If you end up being a repeat offender, I can and will revoke your privileged of posting here.


    So I’ll start by telling you some of the things I’m trying to accomplish for the 1.6 patch that is coming.

    I want to make the server fun for you guys. I want you to want to explore, to fight off nasties, to venture all over, to enjoy games, events, and story told adventures. Right now we’re slowly working on it in the background but its a lengthy process and as most of you have most certainly notice I haven’t had much time to really get things of this nature done quickly. However, here’s the plans, ideas, and tools for you all to hopefully help me with.

    First, we’re going to try and add events happening to give you guys fun things to play in. By this I mean a range of things. Boss Fights, RPG-ish adventures, community building, horde invasions, anything we can dream of we can probably find a way to get it done… at least to some degree. Please keep in mind some ideas while grand may be too server intensive and may have to be set aside until we find a more efficient way of doing it.

    Player Contributed Builds
    [spoiler:366txcz2]So let's talk about player contributions. A long lasting problem of map changes (no I'm not stating the map is changing though in time its inevitable). Is the fact that it makes players that build large massive epic builds sad to see all their work basically erased. So I offer you this. I will create a forum where you submit pictures of your build and where it's located with some basic info. We will then Archive it and keep it in our bank for uses in events.

    To better explain your build will be schematiced and looked to, to have an event hosted with it. Depending on the build it could serve a number of purposes. Maybe you build a coliseum… it could become a PvP tournament arena, or maybe ruins during some sort of RPG adventure. The options are countless. Now the player the player who built it wouldn't be able to take away from this build, as in MCNSA would essentially own it, if you had a thought of changing something about it, we could then see to maybe having it altered. But this does not mean that you could have your build placed on a current or new map and reap the benefits of the blocks used in it.

    This gives you — I think — a great opportunity to give back to the community and have your work recognized. You could also start to build things with this in mind, so that you could yourself custom tailor events. Perhaps build an RPG Adventure area, A boss fight area, a new in-game game like falling sand, etc etc.[/spoiler:366txcz2]

    Adventure Time!
    [spoiler:366txcz2]I'm slowly working in the background to make dungeons and boss fights as well as 'epic quests' a thing for MCNSA. I want to give you guys something you can really want to do. The tools and backbones are mostly there. What's really needed now are layouts for dungeons, ideas for boss fights, etc.

    The general direction I want to take this is I'd like to have at least 1-2 events happen a month. Depending on the 'size' of the event of course. Maybe a dungeon that appears and is only around for 2 weeks with some great boss fights but after the two weeks the dungeon is left in ruins (as in aesthetically) and a new event occurs. I'd also like to consider things that are repeatable. Like a monster wave sort of dungeon that rewards you for each tier of difficulty you go through.

    Quest lines — no I don't mean go grab me 30 chicken eggs for some measly reward, though not out of the question. I'm talking about you're about to dive into a great quest line that has lore of some ancient artifact, as you continue your search through the world and pass through its obsticles as well as ridddles (pun intended) you happen upon a little man atop a mountain. With a ruined artifact… whom realizes your potential and hands it over to you. And now you have an artifact but what next?[/spoiler:366txcz2]

    Customized Crafting
    [spoiler:366txcz2]This is something we currently have on the server, its been set aside as it will take a good bit of customization to make it all fantastic, but we will try to make it work! I have always wanted to make this a thing but just never had the time to sit down and come up with great and unique ways to craft legendary or epic items. And it can be done!

    So from this epic artifact that just became yours you can now craft a legendary sword that has amazing stats! A handcrafted colored name along with lore at the bottom of the item. As well we can add tons of crafting recipes for pretty much anything. I know you're thinking of the unobtainable blocks but! please thing grander. We're going to use unobtainable blocks as rewards, as you've seen with some of the town perks and eventually adventures.

    Think… of the possibilities![/spoiler:366txcz2]

    Player Driven
    [spoiler:366txcz2]Something that will happen, as you know we have multiple worlds currently. We have Survival, Creative, and Skyblock. In the future Hardcore will be added to this list. So with those 4 in mind and possibly more in the future. Something I want to do is have these worlds be unlocked. This would be mostly through resource gathering. We'd start off with just the Survival map, the other three already ready to be used… though you can't seem to get to them? GASP! The portals are broken and they wont work. Maybe you'd need X amount of every block in the game to be donated by the community to 'unlock' the creative world. Perhaps we'd need massive amounts of dirt and wood as well as the contents of the chest for skyblock to be collected and submited to have it unlocked. Hardcore may require tons and tons of mob drops and bottles of experience. This is all still up for debate but I appreciate the idea of doing this and having it be worked for. I think a community effort to unlock them would be for the best, but maybe it should be per player? At any rate I hope this idea excites you as much as it does me.[/spoiler:366txcz2]

    Skyblock World
    [spoiler:366txcz2]When we first got skyblock I just through it on to see how it worked and let you guys run it vanilla. I know there were some derps with challenges as well as I didn't know about having to use a different generator for the map. My mistakes and I apologize. But I hope you enjoyed it! I want to further expand on it. There is something I had to do that I wasn't happy about but did it anyways as this was a trial. The nether. The skyblock nether to me is like cheating, it seems to defeat the purpose of living of limited resources in the middle of the sky. So my proposal is we change and add challenges to the skyblock map that will give you, hopefully fun and new ways to obtain the nether blocks, mob drops, and other materials, without having to actually goto a nether. This is something I will start a thread on to discuss further but wanted to touch on it.[/spoiler:366txcz2]

    HardCore World
    [spoiler:366txcz2]Hardcore is going to be a gamechanger, it won't play like a normal minecraft and should offer a bunch of new challenges. Its all pretty much set up I only have one difficulty to overcome before it'll be released, this is something M4D_H4TT3R and I worked on recently, and I think the hardcore fans will really enjoy it.[/spoiler:366txcz2]

    Creative World
    [spoiler:366txcz2]I'm sure there are plenty of players that use this at times though I'd really like to see more competitions and great builds happening. Also it'd be a great place to build large builds that you could later contribute to the server for events![/spoiler:366txcz2]

    [spoiler:366txcz2]I'll be adding NPC's to MCNSA for mostly adventure time, and epic crafting. Though these are likely to be utilized far more once we figure them out over time. I'm sure some of you have already seen and possibly used the postal NPCs that was a bit of a derp and was suppose to be tested behind the scenes first. Though we'll be expanding on this later.[/spoiler:366txcz2]

    Town Perks / Favors
    [spoiler:366txcz2]Some of you have already seen, contributed, or possibly even created some of the current town perks. And thats superb! This is something for a long time I wanted to get done but alas like always I fall short on available time. Until recently when some of the mods took it upon themselves to hash together some of the ones we have now. Still, this is fantastic but I'm looking for more. I want you guys to give me great ideas on what could be used as a town perk, why and possible ways to go about obtaining it.[/spoiler:366txcz2]


    Can we have a factions server? Maybe only available to prickle+, just a thought though. Like mcpvp.com sort of server. It’s relatively easy to make, it’s like hardcore and pvp enabled. That would be a great addition to the world hub.


    That’s probably not going to happen but thank you for your input. It may be reconsidered later on.


    I’d like to hear the players’ ideas on topics for little stories/plots/adventures/lores… We’ve played the Pirate Theme to death and back in various maps so I’d like to see what else we could do. Once upon a time, we had a plugin called Portal Stick and people made REALLY neat Portal Maps….

    Or, just themes: Old West, Samurai, Knights, Romans, Technological, Futuristic, Primitive, Time-Warping… what else you got MCNSA?!


    A command to give me 10000 diamonds on demand!

    Word, sounds great!

    In all honesty, themed maps sound great. Like there was a cool post on /r/Minecraft which was like floating islands, and something like that could be an awesome area for staged adventures. Maybe having something like votes every 2 or so months for new themes? I don’t know… get those creative juices flowing!


    Speaking of themes I haven’t seen a Medieval theme in a while…


    For the 1.6 Update EVERYONE will want horses, though not EVERYONE will get horses, and maybe we can change that. Maybe we could have challenges where if you beat the specific challenge, you will get a horse. And I have indeed thought this out for a while… The challenges could include Shooting Targets, Parkour, Ext. And at each challenge you could get a certain type of horse (maybe, I haven’t thought this one out) so, if you are good at one thing you may not get the specific patterns or colors on the horse that you wanted. That way, it is fair enough to others that aren’t very good at it.


    I have built a nether Colosseum that I really like. Greypo has placed it in the end somewhere for special PvP events as an arena. Will that get carried over?


    A few thoughts for quest lines or items:

    So I was thinking of a custom sword/axe/weapon of some sort that was once held by an unstoppable warrior long ago. Battle after battle he slayed numerous foes without his blade dulling. Years passed and the warrior died from old age. He faded from memory but his sword lived on, generation after generation, never losing the sheen it had held since it was forged deep underground, by testificate mages facing an invasion from the wraiths we now call “endermen”. When the threat passed and the endermen were banished to The End, en masse. The sword was returned to forge deep underground (bedrock) and placed in the ever-burning fires of the netherbrick hearths from whence it came. There it is rumored to sit, unscathed but safe from moral hands. Until now…

    So basically you could have the quest start in a town or something in a bookstore with an NPC telling you of a new volume he just got in. He shows you the book and in it it tells that story with a bit more detail as relating to nearby ruins or something. From there you could explore the ruins to find a map marking the hidden entrance to the long forgotten civilization. When you enter, you and your party are confronted bye and assortment of mobs (Skyrim style) until you finally make it to the bottom levels where the arcane workings took place way back when. There could be a last part of the quest where you have to gather the ingredients for a fire resistance potion so that you can enter flames of the netherbrick hearth and gain your prize. I was thinking it could be a sword/awe/some sort of weapon hewn from bedrock that never took damage when used. It could have a slight stats buff above iron but would still be less than diamond. By virtue of it never breaking, it can’t be TOO crazy powerful. I would love some feedback on this idea and it’s feasibility. If people like it i can get working on the set pieces with some helpers.


    I like it, plans. When you said it went down below bedrock, my first though was, “Can we actually build below the bedrock layer? I might have to try that out…”

    Leon mentioned themes, and I just thought I’d report that someone’s hoping to start and Old West style horse ranch for breeding, which is exciting 🙂


    Oh gosh i did not know there was a 1.6 ideas post already! I posted one yesterday! Ha, Anyways like i said on my post i am planning to build a ranch and a western town out on the plains… People could come and buy horses and horse gear! I could make the “Oregon” trail from a BIG city to my western town! Please tell me what you think of it!!! 😀


    That sounds cool doby! 😀


    Is it going to be all dusty and classic, with saloons and the like? Hardened clay might be your best friend for creating that dry ground look. It’d be really cool if you were a huge vendor for horses, had a system going, knew how to get certain breeds and stats and could handle anybody’s horse based needs, and had quality awesome looking stalls and leads galore.


    Thanks Rouge and yea i was planning to use the new hardened clay to make more of a “dusty rustic” type look to the place! I would love to be a “big time” vendor if i get enough stuff! Thanks for the feed back guys!!!

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