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    Usually when we end a map there’s a little bit of an explosive celebration involving TNT and a few enderdragons. Could the powers that be give us a rough date as to when this’ll occur?

    That said UNTIL this party starts, don’t bomb other peoples houses please!



    /give * tnt -1


    Just to state this, we don’t know when 1.6 is coming out, so… if you go around blowing up a town and its not for another 3 weeks people will be aggravated / upset. Lets try to wait till we know for sure when its coming out ;D


    Just to state this, we don’t know when 1.6 is coming out

    Umm, no. Posted 4 days ago:

    And finally, Minecraft 1.6 – the “Horse Update”, will be released next week! The update has leads, carpets, hard clay, donkeys, mules, and of course horses! This update requires a new Minecraft launcher to load. We’ll post more info about that here and on when it’s ready.

    They should do a pre-release today and release later this week.


    Alright, so we know when 1.6 comes out but there’s still bukkit and all the plugins that we have to wait on. So either way it could be a while longer.


    The only civilian area blown up so far as I know is drunkenjawas place, and he was totally up for it. If people wanna blow their shit up, I’m sure there will be mods around who will wanna help 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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