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    Some of you may be aware,
    Mojang recently posed about their rules on server hosts raising funds for servers which you can read here:

    MCNSA relies on donations and subscriptions to pay the server costs, We currently stand at a bill of $81 per month which includes the server and extra IP addresses. We also have a bill of $8.47/mo for buycraft to handle our payments and subscriptions

    I love to give something back to people who subscribe or throw money at me for the server, if it wasn’t for those generous people, I wouldn’t be able to sustain the server payments.

    My understanding on the rules, is that we cannot restrict gameplay for those who haven’t subscribe, On Survival and Ag Skies, We don’t restrict gameplay. On FTB the new rules mean that we cannot offer mystcraft worlds to tier 3 subscribers any more.

    On Survival and FTB, we offer extra claim blocks to subscribers and those who give money to the server, I believe that we can still offer those as they do not affect game play, they are just a way to protect your homes from those who break things. For those who don’t subscribe, They get more claim blocks the more they play.

    Extra homes is a borderline one, I don’t believe it does affect game play, Those who haven’t subscribed get homes also, Subscribers just get a few extra.

    MCNSA will never be pay to play, (unless a separate server is made just for subscribers to access i.e early access to new server types etc.).

    I believe nothing that we currently offer on MCNSA as part of our fundraising (with exception of mystcraft worlds) is game breaking and the guests who log into the server get the same experience of minecraft as they would do if they were playing in single player mode.

    Sorry if the above does not make sense, I have just got back from work and very tired.

    Also, one of the new rules states I must tell you the following:
    All payments made through the MCNSA store page ( go to my personal paypal account ([email protected]). Payments are nothing to do with Mojang. It is held there until the payment for the server is due, at which point it gets transfered to the server host (SoYouStart (part of OVH)).
    Information on payment history to MCNSA can be obtained by contacting myself at [email protected]

    edit: Added buycraft info


    IMO, this hurts players more than it helps them. First of all, no one is ever required to pay 1 cent and if someone doesn’t like the way the server is ran, they’re always welcome to find another. But it really hurts server operators. It’s not like they’re in it to get rich, IF they ever made a profit it would likely go back into the server to upgrade it or add another server to the line. And not ONLY are they footing the bills for the servers, look at the hours and hours of time they spend running, updating and researching new mods to make their players happy.

    This is in effect tying their hands keeping them from trying to get back any of the money they spend footing the bill. I can see it causing alot of servers to close down. If you enjoy these servers guys, PLEASE continue to donate to help keep them going. Don’t wait on them to be shut down all the while saying, “But I was GOING to donate!”

    We don’t intend on shutting any down and will do all we can to keep them going but this is going to put a crunch on things.

    Sorry Mab if I’m out of line saying this but you shouldn’t have to foot the bill all by yourself.


    Yeah, at least there are clear rules now, and they’re not terrible. I’m of the same opinion of Mab, everything we have as part of the donation rewards seems fine under the rules except the Mystcraft world for FTB, which is sad, as it was my favorite part.

    And Mab, thanks for the clear numbers. I should be soon to have regular income, and I’ll pitch in then.


    Given the wording of the limitations, one way that you could still offer mystcraft worlds would be if there was a non-subscriber method to earn them. Perhaps tied to some other attribute like claim blocks. Once a user achieves a certain threshold of claim blocks they earn the right to acquire a mystcraft world. The threshold could just be extremely difficult/time consuming for a non-subscriber. But then, it might be worth it too. A non-subscriber that invests a large amount of time in a server does contribute to the overall community.

    Just a thought. I am sure there would be a way that fits within their rules and not just abuses their rules.


    We are offering them on our paid server


    An update on the donations and subscriptions.

    Mojang created a new post clarifying the new rules on what we can and can’t give people who give to the server.

    Our understanding of it is that we cannot give anything that affects any aspect of gameplay, Only cosmetic things. This means unfortunatly, That claim blocks and homes are out of the question.

    We have now had to change the subscription tiers to reflect these changes.

    Homes and claim blocks are now removed from the webstore. Those who have already bought claim blocks will keep them. Extra homes have been removed.
    Prefixes are now available to all subscriptions. If you wish to have a prefix. Please cancel your subscription and restart your subscription.
    All subscribers have access to /hat command. Which lets you wear any block and item as a hat.

    I will be adding more to the subscriber perks as soon as I figure out what I can give while keeping in line with the rules.

    I would like to thank every single one of those who subscribe and donate to the server, without you guys, The server wouldn’t be what it is now.

    Thank You


    I haven’t read through this new EULA however, I would wonder if they aren’t referring to strictly vanilla play-ability. I mean, they can’t possibly have the rights to using third party mods as perk systems right? Extra homes, extra protection blocks, etc… aren’t part of minecraft, its part of a mod pack. Even straight up protections. I would think that selling things like /jump, or /tp or any other sort of third party command wouldn’t be an infringement either. As this isn’t part of the game play, its just an additional feature. I dunno I might have a look at this EULA later and report my thoughts on it… but for now, I feel ice cream is in my near future.


    Alright so I just read through it, what a hilarious crock of shit.

    So you can’t sell anything, including /fly /jump etc.

    The silliest of these to me is the fact that you can’t have a dual currency system where you could either trade ingame items for perks or just use real money. That’s like the number 1 use of Free 2 Play games these days.

    You can’t even sell capes…so even if you were to ever re-make that a thing its now useless. You’re left with Hats, Pets, and global perks. You could consider a goal donation that when say 20 bucks is hit for the month, the entire server gets a 20% increase in exp gain. 30 bucks they get increased movement. Etc.

    All in all what a shame that they’re putting this into effect. Their play is to probably try and reduce people into purchasing their silly little Realms.

    Edit: To answer to a previous post above me, you can’t offer anything for both ingame money and real money. Anything ‘purchased’ using real money by their standards can only be one of two things. Purely cosmetic or a global perk. So say someone donates 50 bucks we reward the entire server with / jump for the rest of the month. Etc Etc. And this increasingly the case when it comes to a full on feature being ‘purchasable’.


    Since Notch has sold the game over to Microsoft, does this mean that this can be changed?

    Evil K9

    They may change it in the future (doubt they would), but the current one is what we’ve agreed to in order to play the game, and run our server.

    Our principal will never change: We will never be pay-to-win.


    I think that’s the best way to go 🙂

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