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    Flatcore is a hardcore play on a superflat map – you can get resources from villages spawning from time to time.

    To join, go to

    There is 1 day death ban so be careful. PvP is off, map border is 25k in each direction from 0,0. You spawn in random location.

    Server is being used by folks over at – they seem nice, but many of them don’t know how awesome a Minecraft community can be. Let’s how them our very best side, shall we?

    Happy slime hunting!


    I think we have a nice new community brewing. 🙂 Join if you haven’t already!


    its quite amusing i must say


    It’s quite fun but you have to be careful you don’t slimes. SLIMES.


    Hmm, I can’t seem to reach the server, thought it appears people are on currently according to the top of the forums. Am I doing something wrong? xD I put in.

    Inactive now


    To play,

    1. First of all, all bans were reset because of a plugin mishap. Try flatcore again, it’s a global amnesty.

    2. Second of all, your inventory will be permanently erased on death from now on. Nothing will drop.

    3Third of all, you will have to kill mobs yourself to get drops. No more waiting for skeletons to burn or drop from grinder and give you bones.

    4. We’re also looking into ways of always respawning you in a random place. Say nice things to your beds, they won’t be able to save you soon.


    Badass update Ridddle. I was already starting to feel a little too safe.


    I love the server, died 5 times so far. :3
    3 by starving.
    Once by a creeper, had spikelag and he “teleported” next to me and blew himself up.
    And I was greedy enough to attack a Endermen to show what an endermen was to my friend and I died :c
    Does the server have an official spawn? Because I keep spawning at the exact same cords where all villages nearby are raided so I don’t get any food.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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