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    I really hope this happens some time soon (No rush, of course). I may build some trap ideas, or even my interpritation of the map on single player to be imported. Either way I really like this idea. Also the winner should get a sponge. Or several sponges. Or a house of sponges (Either way sponge is a must prize). :3


    Sponges eh? I’d say the prize is, since each round could take a VERY long time, a plaque dedicated to said player. And then like a stack or two of whatever 😛

    You’re famous if you win. Because you didn’t get slashed, hacked, burned, blown up, eaten, or arrowed (that’s a word, right?)

    And now I’m just rambling, but thanks for your support Osama!


    A plaque is a very nice idea, and I’m sure everyone would love one as a prize. As well as a few goodies, like a few diamonds, a stack of 1-2 block(s) of their choice (a reasonable block [like sponge], as in no picking diamond blocks -_-), and maybe a bit of po8 prize money! (Oh, and also if anyone suggests a promotion for a prize- /me slaps said person….and microsoftt)


    Ok, here are my thoughts.

    1) Lapis (the blue stuff) is absolutely useless in this format. I think it would be interesting to replace it with TNT…you can do that in MC edit. 😈 Another idea of something to replace it with would be chests with a piece of bread or something…lapis isn’t that common and it would be nicer to find bread than useless ore.

    2) Archers trump Swordsmen. Bows and Arrows will be in high demand. Just something to think about. Enchanted bows will kill an enchanted sword-person unless somebody is high on speed potions to avoid them.

    3) DIE SMOKEY THE BEAR (he’s that don’t set forest fires in parks bear…)

    4) Wireframe tex packs will find underground stuff…have people promise not to use them. I don’t know if this has been said already, but it is important.

    5) Set a date FAR IN ADVANCE so people can put it in their calendars.

    6) Limit the number of people or expand the arena proportionately.

    7) If a new map is created…make sure to know whether dungeons/villages are incorporated into the map. Unfair City for the first person to raid a village farm. 😀

    Nadar, everybody else pushing this forwards: this is so freaking awesome. I would like to point out that at one point we had a primeval lands hardcore server or something, and that was all desert with oasises…that could also be something to consider, but it is incredibly rage inducing when someone finds ALL THE DIAMONDS.


    EDIT: 50th post!!!

    Staar, thank you for your input! Here are my responses to each:

    1. Hehe, love it. TNT instead of lapis. Even better if you’re derping underground with flint and steel (doesn’t sound that likely, but I do it all the time)

    2. Yup!

    3. Firespread must be on. I totally agree. I shall torch every jungle. You shall like it.

    4. We’re going to make sure people use vanilla clients for the games, I think that’s on page 3 or 4.

    5. Hmm, okay.

    6. Already talked about that as well, the idea is that we would actually not make the arena early, but make it right on the date with a quick worldedit fence circle, protect, and then replace all the lapis with TNT. The size of the arena is according to the following formula: 1 player = a 125×125 area is added to the arena.

    7. I think that’s half the fun! You can raid villages and cannibalize the towns into more efficient strongholds! You’ll have instant iron armor and probably a nether portal (which worries me, should they be disabled? Or maybe we would have to create a nether area too!? Oh god, headaches :P)

    New Issue to be Resolved: What should be according to the Nether?


    I think that the nether could be a slight problem. If we say “no nether” that makes lava harder to find, and it also restricts the amount of space players have, which I think will be enough with the 125×125. Personally, I would stay in the Overworld (or would I) but I think a lot of people would enjoy building in the nether.

    Another thing to consider about the nether is how screwed up portals are: if a good chunk of the area goes to the same nether portal…someone will be waiting to back-stab you. So, If portals get fixed and the nether area is restricted, I say, go for it.

    Probably most important: Potions require the nether, right? If we don’t do the nether, we could replace lapis with…BLAZE SPAWNERS (Don’t look at me for spawning rules.)

    I would like to suggest running the first version w/o the nether, to keep things simple. Maybe with a small, hardcore group, running a smaller space, it could be used.


    Okay, DevisDan basically said the same thing about the Nether staying, and a lot of people online at the time (such as MaxMurmaider) agreed wholeheartedly about keeping the Nether. And I’m not sure if I just read it wrong, but judging by the context of your post, I want to clarify that the arena will be 125×125 per player participating. So, if 10 people are playing, the arena will be 1250×1250.


    The nether is the whole cherry on top. Rushing to secure a nether stronghold to get potions and deny everyone else access to them is one of the most important things you could be doing, meaning, people will meet there and PvP will happen, which is awesome.

    And back-stabbing via nether… As a flaw? Seriously? 😛


    Watch and be amazed…this is what I would to eventually see.


    This sounds pretty cool. I would be willing to help if you ever need anything. Could we do it in the jungle? I find jungles to be exciting but dangerous. Death from above 😯
    Good luck with it all


    Hamm, it is absolutely incredible to have you onboard. Assuming you would be willing to give us a rough fence-circle/square to fight within, this is entirely possible and to be expected 😀

    Here is an overview:

    This is an idea for MCNSA Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a deathmatch inspired by a book series. Basically, they release people into a wilderness of many terrains (biomes in our case) and have them fight to the death, with gamemasters making things interesting by draining the water or shooting fireballs at everything that moves.

    We would enclose a space that is roughly equivalent to 125×125 blocks per-player, though 100×100 would also be perfectly reasonable. The idea is that we would use either the forums, reddit, or just go around broadcasting on the server that the Games will be held at a certain time. Then, everyone would join the Games channel.

    Once every player is in the games channel, the gamemaster (probably you Hamm) would worldedit a fence, glass, or other variety of border around an area equivalent to the number of players participating. (it would be protected obviously) and then all the players would be teleported in. Gamemasters can play as long as they do not use mod powers in the actual games, and are not familiar with the terrain. Once you have been killed, you may NOT re-enter the arena, but may watch from the tops or perimeter of the borders.

    As full gamemaster, you can do whatever. Install chests all over, dump lava on miners (but most of the kills need to be from PvP fights) A cornucopia is a POSSIBILITY, but not required. If a cornucopia is to be used, it’s a sideways horn (or cave, hole, whatever you want) filled with chests with good items, similar to the way chests were organized in gladiator.

    Once the gamemaster shouts “go!” everyone will do whatever. They can run off to make a foothold, they can try to kill as many fellow competitors as they can while they’re all close together, or they can run to the cornucopia (assuming there is one this round) and stock up on weapons, food, and enderpearls >:)

    If possible, every biome will be included, and it will be out at around 50,000/50,000 to ensure that it is uninhabited and unexplored. Nothing is against the rules, but should you leave the arena (in the overworld) you are eliminated. You can go wherever in other worlds, but if you use a portal and end up in the overworld, but outside the arena, you will be out.

    Guys, if I missed anything, feel free to add it. Hamm, it is amazing to have you running the show (assuming you are still interested) it doesn’t need to depend so much on hidden chests and traps, we can really just put a border and go vanilla PvP.

    And Staar, yes, that’s basically what’s up. But maybe without little things you would be in. Early attacks or movements will be met with elimination.


    If no Ultra Hardcore is not in place, a lot of shrinking the map size should be in order, by the way, since the players in that case could recover too damn easily, IMO.


    Ah, you mean if you can’t heal? Well, I don’t know about THAT. Maybe slower healing is what you mean? 75×75 blocks per-player?

    I’m operating under the assumption we will be using the standard survival or hardcore worlds, with /sethome prohibited within the arena.

    And even though people CAN recover, I expect plenty of deaths to be due to mobs, falls, or stray lava pools, so that balances it out.


    I love to help! I’m actually making a Hunger Games arena on SP for my friends server atm.
    (And also a few have been put on creative for this [not mentioning anyone] )


    @Nadarekyle wrote:

    And even though people CAN recover, I expect plenty of deaths to be due to mobs, falls, or stray lava pools, so that balances it out.

    If you’re careful you can easily avoid all of that stuff. And ultra hardcore, where every mistake could be your last… Tension. Motherfucking TENSION.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 84 total)
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