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    So I know I’m not host this month, nor do I know if I even have a month, but I figured that as I have been struggling to find something to read these past two weeks and have come up with a list of moderate to exceptional science fiction reads, I would share it with you. Thank god for amazon’s ebooks being less than $10; I would be broke otherwise.
    Here’s the list and a small description of each. Each book is about 400-700 pages long, so they should keep you occupied.

    Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)–How could I not include this. Probably the 15th time I’ve reread it, but it still keeps on being amazing. Get it now if you don’t have it.
    Old Man’s War (John Scalzi)–Scalzi is my new favorite sci-fi writer; he incorporates humor and military science fiction into a single book, making it extremely entertaining and fairly well-written. This book lives up to those expectations.
    The Ghost Brigades (John Scalzi)–Sequel to OMW. Haven’t finished. As of right now, very good.
    Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas (John Scalzi)–A tongue in cheek humorous novel designed to make fun of all the clichés in modern sci-fi tv series. Highly entertaining.
    Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)–Something about a video game being reality and stuff…oh yeah, corporations are EVIL. Highly reminiscent of Snow Crash, if any of you have read that book. Good read. Pretty entertaining. Kinda well-written.
    Swarm (B.V. Larson): Haven’t read yet. Got very good reviews. First in a long line of books.
    The Fringe Worlds (T.R. Harris): Humans are the supermen of the galaxy. Don’t ask me what that means. It’s a good book, though!
    Alien Assassin (T.R. Harris): Sequel to TFW. Humans are STILL supermen. A little bit absurd. Still entertaining.
    The War of Pawns (T.R. Harris): Sequel to AA. EXTREMELY ABSURD. Earth gets fucking ground into dust, evil aliens are everywhere…oh yeah, FUCKING NAVY SEALS IN FUCKING SPACE. Who the hell thought that was a good idea. Still read it though, and very entertaining.
    A Confusion of Princes (Garth Nix): Oh Garthy, you sure know how to make a reader despise the ending. Besides the ending, an extremely good book about a fanatically-devoted empire ruled by a million self-entitled brats who are also the rulers of the known galaxy and a teenager and rich and pretty much recipes for failure. Sooooo…yeah. Read it. (This is the guy who brought you Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen; read those too)
    The Black Prism (Brent Weeks): This book was…interesting. Hard as hell to understand, but once you get all the terminology down, it makes for a really good read. It’s all about light being super-powerful and manipulating it into matter and stuff. Weeks plays with some really cool concepts. Read it. Well-written, entertaining…damn good book.

    Voilà. The books I have read in the past 1-2 weeks. It’s what I do when I’m bored and not playing on MCNSA.
    Have fun digesting the vast amounts of information I have just unloaded on you.


    Thanks for the list Volitus! As for hosting a month you need to message me with a book entry and at the start of the month I roll a die and what ever book that was assigned that number is the book of the month. So it just depends on if someone has entered a book and if the fates deem that their book is the chosen one for someone to host a month. So send me a message if you’d like to host a month!

    That goes for other people as well! We need moar books!

    ps: I apologize for any horrid spelling or grammar in this post. Thinking about it after the fact, drinking and coherent forum posts normally do not go hand in hand with one another.


    Volitus, you should all check out Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy. Starts with The Way of Shadows. Awesome “did-that-really-just-happen” story-telling. Better than the Black Prism.


    I am reading A Confusion of Princes at the moment and the night angel series. One of the best books I have ever read is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, and I’m looking forward to the last of the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light.

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