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    I’m posting this here as well for several reasons, the largest one of them is ensuring the mods stay true to the list as you too know what is expected of them. This DOES NOT give you a free pass to tell mods when they are breaking a rule or interpret these rules for yourself. While you will be privy to the list, this is not set in stone and is still up for talks with the moderation team. It will be updated as the official guidelines are updated as well.

    For the sake of transparency and bettering your experience the full message to the mods starts now:


    First off, please don’t take any of the following as me giving an ass chewing to anyone. This post is meant to be to the point, bullshit free and forward thinking. If you think that I’m naming you in an example, you’re most likely wrong and if you’re right you’re most likely not the only guilty one. As I took a break away from the Minecraft server (see deserted) for several reasons (see D3 and ex girlfriends) I kind of looked at it as a mini vacation/experiment all in one. After pouring over what I’ve noticed thus far, here is a quick list of changes that every moderator will be required to abide by. Please share your thoughts as the following guidlelines will be your Mod Bible. These will be enforced heavily, amended to and expanded upon on a constant basis.

    Immediate Changes

    1.) Mods cursing, flaming, insulting, raging etc on other mods now has a zero tolerance policy. If you are having fun, that’s one thing – you should know when to draw the line. If you don’t know when you’re being an asshole, you don’t need to be a part of this team.

    2.) Absolutely no raping of the worlds terrain. WorldEdit is not meant to be a toy, and these days it seems to be causing more trouble from moderators abusing it than using it. This can include minor trolling, clearing out and area for someone, spawning blocks, abuse of voxel sniper or anything that disrupts the flow of the game or the players experience.

    3.) A position of modship is not one that gives you a free pass to do whatever you’d like on the server. If anything, it limits it. Lead by example. Any moderator found to be escalating already “bad situations” could face removal.

    4.) Moderators that consistently cause drama/incite riots/threats of terrorism/arson will be removed for the greater good. …the greater good

    5.) Moderators that abuse plugins and violate the rules in doing so will be removed. Basically reread #2 as I would like to drive this point home.

    6.) Moderators found to be consistently lacking in conflict resolution skills (or at least trying) will be removed. Not getting involved in a dispute is much better than getting into one only muck things up worse. This could be a player mod dispute or any number of situations. If you’re not bringing anything to the table, just don’t sit down.

    7.) Moderators that insult, abuse, bully, or cause any other intentional mental harm to members of the player base will be removed.

    8.) Stop changing your titles. As petty as this is, I’ve made my position very clear many times. If you have a problem with my position please let me know.

    9.) You are not to use your position as a mod to gain leverage over another individual in a non positive way. This includes idle threats of banning, timeouts, or other false punishments used to illicit a response from a user.

    10.) If you have an issue with another moderator that is serious enough, bring it to my attention ASAP. This could backfire if it turns out you’re the asshole causing issues or are crying wolf. Be very careful with this one.

    11.) If you accidentally something, let the next highest rank know. Acknowledging that you made a mistake so we can fix it is no problem, omitting a mistake only causes big problems.

    12.) Bans are to be recorded in the form of modreqs. If you feel you must ban someone and it’s not a case where it’s an auto-ban, you must contact a Templar. Blessed are not to ban if a higher rank is online.

    13.) Kicks are no longer to be used for entertainment, unless it’s absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh. Kicks are to serve as a precursor to a ban as a VERY strong warning to that user – not as a comedic device. A reason for kicking is to be provided and broadcasted (don’t silent kick). Note kicks/reasons in the user player file. Abusing the kick command is no longer on the table – period.

    All about Peons:

    – Peoning should be viewed as a free second chance resulting from a situation that in many cases would result in a ban. They should not be shunned/discouraged from staying.

    – Peons are not to be as such longer than 3 game play hours upon deciding we (you as moderators) are going to let them stay. The point of Peoning is to neuter a “threat” while seeing how they react. Not only does this give you an idea of their post traumatic demeanor it also keeps the door cracked for a potentially great player.

    – After reinstatement to the server as a normal player, minor offenses should not come with a rank drop for any player higher than Priest. Major offenses are to be voted on in a case by case basis after the player has been unpeoned.

    – If you are the one to Peon a user, you are required to note it as well as be responsible for unpeoning that player. If this is too much of a hassle do not flip the switch.

    – You must confirm with at least one other Templar before issuing Peon status.

    list ends here for now, more will be added

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