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    Hey guys, found out about r/Flatcore today and didn’t realize it was a thing. Went on the server for a bit, luckily found a village and am now surviving the onslaught of slimes and zombies. Going to try to make a 4 block wide, 4 deep moat around the village. I think people were here before since I found a chest with tons of slimes and seeds. So far everyone seems nice and overall the server seems fun 🙂


    And I died hahaha, lasted 3 hours. 😛 Slimes creeped up on me as I was protecting my precious melon farm.
    my X was around 700 while my Z was around 3000 so I was far way’s from 0,0 lol


    Hope you’re having fun, and welcome to the MCNSA community! If you haven’t already, you should try out the main server,! I’m sure you will enjoy yourself there.


    Welcome, buddy! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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