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    Hi everybody. Some of you may know me as iPro or TacoMcSparkle. I’m here to tell everybody about what happened. Some people may know, and some may not. Recently, a “friend” sent me a keylogger. I had no idea that it was a keylogger because the file was encrypted. (not detected by anti-viruses) Firstly my e-mail I used to recover “iPro” was stolen, and same with the Minecraft account. I was upset, and had no idea what was going on. A few days later I purchased a new account “TacoMcSparkle”. I started playing on MCNSA with that account. A week later it was stolen, along with the e-mail.

    By then, I kind of knew that I had a keylogger, or some sort of virus, so I completely formatted my computer and I’m in the process of buying a new account under the username “Antigrate”. My question is, would I be able to get my priest rank (I got this on iPro) or my altarboy rank (I got this on TacoMcSparkle) back? I could somehow prove that it’s me if you like.

    Anyway, apart from that sorry any inconvenience I’ve caused.



    This is why you should have backup emails connected to your accounts, and backup emails for your backup emails, along with having your account connected to your cell phone.


    Some “friend” you’ve got there. I hope you’ve punished him sufficiently, say, like screwing his nuts in a vice and shaving them off with a belt sander.

    That said, I can only recommend that you use a gMail account for your emails and set up an extra email alias for really important things like account credentials, bank stuff and private matters. (or the other way around)

    I think you should go ahead and prove the connectivity so that a mod/admin can go ahead and make the decision. Personally I think it’s a given that you’ll have your old rank back, but it’s not my call to make.

    Also, great choice on the new nickname, I like it! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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