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    Yrmalope: “Hey all, I’m Yrmalope, and I have a gaming addiction.”

    Everyone: “Hi Yrmalope.”

    Yrmalope: “My friend thehazz suggested I go to this place called MCNSA, and what I found was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a virtual world! Made up entirely of blocks! And there were people too… strange people, like this guy called Microsoftt, always saying things in this strange language. I could never understand his gibberish, but the other people were friendly and helpful. This new world was wonderful, I was able to build some amazing things and get to know these (strange) people.”

    Everyone: “We’re glad you built up the courage to speak to us about your problem Yrmalope. We’ll try our best to get you to leave that fantasy world so you can rejoin shitty real life.”

    Yrmalope: “ugh, no.. no no no no… this conversation is over, no matter what you say I’m not leaving MCNSA! Real life sucks, and every other server I’ve visited has been a steaming pile. MCNSA is the best, and I don’t care what the rest of you think!”

    Everyone: “Well, we can’t actually stop you, nor would we, since we already know MCNSA rules. But perhaps the most important issue at hand is this: YOU ARE TALKING TO YOURSELF! You’re worried about gaming addiction? How about schizophrenia? Get back on the server you psychopath.”

    Yrmalope: “Oh… well ok then.”


    Yrma! Welcome to the fun house!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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