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    Hi, I’m Sparky_Aftermath. I’ve been in MCNSA for about a year now, I joined somewhere between 1.3 and 1.4, I don’t remember when though.

    Anywho, I’m the person who keeps building ridiculous items. On this map I so far made a giant quarry, a house, an animal farm, a giant five story tall food/tree farm, an artificial land mass that was once an ocean, as well as an automated wheat farm.

    -Retreats to emo corner since I ran out of things to say-


    Hey Sparky! Welcome to the forums!

    psst… If you want to build a ridiculous item and need a spot for it, we need more ridiculous items in F1FT33N 😀


    At some point I may go there when it gets remade when the plugins update -glares at developers for not getting the updates done before now-


    Yeah lol… curse those temp maps…


    Not sure if I should actually move to a town since I have a feeling my stuff would be broken or some idiot would forget to replant stuff if I remake the giant farm


    It’s easy for mods to rollback the damage on your place if it was broken. And towns do have protections, so random people can’t grief. The majority of the people in my town are good friends of mine and they wouldn’t break your things.


    Other issue is with moving the items to the town. Needless to say some of the items are rather large and would take multiple trips just for dissembling (mainly the giant farm)

    Other things I’m wandering is if the area is near any areas that I can get resources from? I’m logging in at some point today to hopefully loo over the area.


    It’s in the ice mountains, but I’ve set up tree farms and such so you shouldn’t have problems getting resources.


    I guess when I’m online I send a tp request to you to get to the area?


    You can find the warp to F1FT33N in Al-Baldaa to look around.


    I’m leaving the Vanilla Minecraft (Skyworld and Survival) server.

    The coordinates for my complex standing at my front door are:
    X: 903
    Y: 67
    Z: 1807

    I may go to FTB but it’s not guaranteed I’d stay

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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