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    Po8 can now be obtained in a “physical” form – I.E., there is an item to represent it! That item is the inglorious Piston Extension, item number 34! They’re worth five Po8 each, so now you can carry around your money. However, in addition to this, Fire (the item) is now a currency item, worth 320 per piece, meaning that chainmail, craftable by fire is worth quite a lot – the helmets are 1600, boots are worth 1280 Po8 each, and the chestplate 2560, with the pants clocking in at 2240. Wear your money! Flaunt your style! Die in lava and lose everything!

    To obtain this magical currency, simply come to the shop and ask a shopkeep (must be saint+ shopkeep for this duty) to convert your currency, and tell them how much you would like converted – they’ll deduct the necessary amount and give you the correct currency.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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