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    Guys! The hunt is on!

    BackStory: After the Sky Pirates invaded Po8 and stole the loot the MCNSAers fought back but before they could take back the fortune First Mate Toread hid the Po8.

    So now its up to you guys to take back the treasure! Part 1 of the Po8 Robbery is up and the search starts at the Submarine under Spawn next to the FuzzLand Ship!

    Good Luck Treasure Hunters and we hope you can take back the fortune! 😀
    I will update this post as soon as more information is given out!

    Note: If you do find the treasure DO NOT tell others the Passwords, that would ruin the fun for us all.

    Made By: Octavian0 and Dantao


    I beat challenge one and you can too!


    Theres not much that can take your breath away like the site of a dying starbeast.

    … Part two of the po8 tale has gone live. The submarine holds still more secrets, I trust you all to explore.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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