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    With the new po8 plugin, a whole bunch of commands are changing, and I just wanted to document them here before we release them on the server. I plan on doing a whole new Po8 FAQ section for things.

    /po8 help [page] - displays the Po8 help menu.
    /po8 balance - shows your current po8 balance.
    /po8 transfer [username] [amount]Transfers Po8 to another player.

    These 3 commands are very similar to the old ones, should be the same.

    /po8 info [Item name|held|ID:Data Value] [amount]- Checks the stock of an item, and what it is being bought and sold for in Po8.
    /po8 sell - sells the contents of your sell chest to Po8.
    /po8 value - Adds the value of your sell chest, and tells you without selling the items


    /po8 stock Diamonds – tells me what the price of diamonds currently are.
    /po8 stock held – tells me what the price of what I’m currently holding is.
    /po8 35:1 – tells me what the price of orange wool is.

    /po8 Sell – puts your Po8 chest into the review queue for Po8 shopkeeps to review.

    This is what the sell screen looks like immediately after purchasing something from a shopkeep, but BEFORE it has been accepted by a shopkeep

    This is what it looks like AFTER it has been accepted by a shopkeep:

    /po8 order new - Creates a new order, discarding the current one
    /po8 order add [Item Name|Held|ID:Value] [Amount] - Adds the specific item to the current order
    /po8 order list - lists the things that are you in your po8 cart to be bought
    /po8 order remove [amount] [item] - Removes the specificed item from the current order.
    /po8 order price - checks the price of the current order.
    /po8 order submit - submits the order to po8 shopkeeps for review.

    Say I want to add 5000 cobblestone, 5000 stone, 1286 of diamonds, and 64 redstone to a po8 order. I would do the following commands:

    /po8 order Add Cobblestone 5000
    /po8 order add held(While holding stone) 5000
    /po8 order diamonds 56 1286
    /po8 order Redstone 64

    If I did /po8 order list, i would see those things in my checkout container!

    Oops, I just realized – I don’t need any redstone!

    /po8 order remove redstone 64

    Phew! Now just to make sure I haven’t bought anything I didn’t want:

    /po8 order list

    Shopkeep Commands

    /po8 examine [player name] [BUY or SELL] - Views the given Po8 chest of a player, must be exact name, also checks the balance of their po8.
    /po8 grant [name] - gives the amount of Po8 to the player
    /po8 review status - checks how many orders are in the review queue
    /po8 review next - shows you the next review in the queue, and takes the order out of the queue
    /po8 review skip - Skips the current review order
    /po8 review show - shows you the current order to review if you closed out of the screen
    /po8 review accept - accepts the current review
    /po8 review deny [reason] - Denies the current review
    /po8 review togglenotify - toggles notifying on every Po8 order. Off by default
    /po8 spawnchest [type] - Turns the block you're standing on into a special chest. Types: Buy, Sell

    /po8 Examine is for us to see, and modify, into a players po8 chest to see why something isn’t being bought / if they are mistaken / what-have you. Po8 Examine also is NOT simply reviewing it – it allows you to add or remove things from the chest itself, and allows the shopkeep to interact with the chest. It also allows shopkeeps to check the balance of people who say their balance is off.

    /po8 Grant [name] [number] gives the amount of Po8 to that player.
    /po8 grant [name] [negative number] – takes away that amount of po8 from that player.

    /po8 review next – This command grabs the next po8 order, and puts a GUI up on your screen of what the person is either buying or selling. The queue is in chronological order, so players who saw a great opportunity to make money while stock is low will get that opportunity.

    This is the GUI screen the shopkeep will see while reviewing the order, they do not have to be in a chest; they can do it anywhere on the map.

    /po8 review skip skips the current one, in case you have questions / unsure of whether or not an order should be completed, or if you have to leave and could not complete this order.

    /po8 review show will show the GUI screen with the order again.

    /po8 review accept – Accepts the current order, and puts the items in the persons chest OR puts the po8 into their account.

    This is what a player will see after it is accepted:

    /po8 review Deny – prevents the order from being completed, and either puts the order back into inventory to be sold, or back to the players “buy” chest.

    This is what will happen if something is denied: The message is passed on to them, and their items are automatically put back into their “Buy” chest.

    /po8 review togglenotify – this is set to “off” by default, however you will still get a notification every hour or so (Wanted it to match the /modreq notification time, if possible) and when you login. With it ON, you will get updated every time a new order is submitted.

    This is what the po8 togglenotify does when you have it enabled:

    /po8 spawnchest [Buy|Sell] – Created the po8 chest on the block you are standing on. Can be any block, so if you put a sign on a block and then make it the po8 chest, the po8 chest will have a sign on it!

    Po8, with this plugin, will be done ENTIRELY in game. This means there won’t be a website to check items, either. We’re trying to look for a solution on how we can have a database *somewhere* that we can look things up on. Pickleman thinks we might be able to do a work-around solution of every 5 or 10 minutes, have something run to throw it to a database the webserver // php can read. We’re not sure about that, yet. Anyone have a suggestion?

    Other things:

    There won’t be thousands of chests of items, and there won’t be hundreds of player chests. The entire po8 system can now be done with 2 chests – a buy chest, and a sell chest. The po8 area can now be at any spawn with a 3×1 area, more if we wanna get fancy. But we don’t have to.

    I’m not sure how we can eloquently display how to order something to players already used to the website. I think for newer players, the po8 system will be easier to pick up.

    There is a problem with the new po8 that can allow for duping during the “Shopkeep review” process. If you take anything out of the screen, it will duplicate those items. I’m not sure if there is a work around for that. Should Shopkeeps now be limited to Blessed+? Saint+? Shopkeeping will be MUCH easier now, so it won’t be much of an issue in terms of not having enough workforce.

    Your thoughts?

    Note: Images seem to be loading weird for me, might be too wide for the forums page initially?


    Looks interesting. I don’t understand the duping fully, is it that the shopkeeper can dupe items or that the person can dupe it or that it requires teamwork to pull off/dumb luck?

    If it is the latter, possibly having a lock-out system, once the chest is under review it is locked out from any non-shopkeeper players or even just anybody but the shopkeeper accessing it.

    Otherwise it looks good, the commands are bit long though, easy to remember, but some shorthand commands could be super helpful, like for po8 buying, maybe “/po8 b” or something. Just to speed it all up.

    Sweet as, I am keen to use this.


    @JudgeAnderson wrote:

    Looks interesting. I don’t understand the duping fully, is it that the shopkeeper can dupe items or that the person can dupe it or that it requires teamwork to pull off/dumb luck?

    Sorry – the duping thing is a shopkeeper only thing. When the chest shows up, it’s interactive – but those items are only there for an easy interpretation of what is being bought/sold. In theory, we could also have it pull out a line-by-line text of what is going on, but that would be far more cumbersome than I think we would want when people are buying/selling full inventories worth of stuff.

    A player cannot duplicate things – only the people interacting with the /po8 review screen are able to, which would be shopkeeps.


    Looks like an awesome system. I am a little disappointed that shopkeeping is now saint+, but I do understand why with the possibility of duping and all. But it still leaves me somewhat confused as to what the Blessed rank is? Is it not for people who have been proven trustworthy and are being at least considered for modship? Blessed rank is not a normal progression after Bishop, it is by invite. Are there currently Blessed that the Admins feel can’t be trusted with po8 now? If so, why are they still Blessed?
    Just some thoughts. Don’t read too much into it please.


    I agree with Myrto, blessed rank is already lacking since we removed its protection capabilities. While it could be abused we’re expecting these blessed to one day become mods and admins. If they were caught abusing it, it would obviously be a severe punishment.


    i support the blessed having PO8.
    trust shouldn’t be an issue


    Yeah, Blessed have little enough fun as it is – might as well let them do it.

    We can compete over Po8 orders now that /modreq’s are so few. 😛


    @Kwinno wrote:

    i support the blessed having PO8.
    trust shouldn’t be an issue

    I trust the Blessed.

    I mean, that’s why they have /tp, /god, /rg, /kick, /ban, /notes, access to this forum, etc etc.

    I suppose my thoughts are: in the past, we had Blessed and below doing po8 because frankly saints+ couldn’t be arsed to do it.

    It’s just so easy now, are we in need of the extra help for it? Do po8 orders sit languishing with Blessed on who could complete them if they had the ability?

    I mean, I’ve got nothing against giving it to them from a trust standpoint. It’s just … would we be giving it to them for any reason other than “Hey, we trust you, so, have this thing, just don’t use this easy dupe method.”? If that’s it, then, I don’t see the point until the dupe thing gets fixed.

    If there’s a legitimate need now for the help of Blessed, then, by all means, I’m game.


    A legitimate reason is a lot of us are on a good amount of the time, however there isn’t always a Saint+ on. With Blessed+ we broaden our availability.

    Laywer’d <3


    Added permissions to blessed to be able to use review.


    Is it possible to re-complete orders that have already been processed? If so, I may have done that with the double-chest of sand Lygarine sold to po8, but I couldn’t figure out a way to fix it.


    I had somewhere around 5k or 6k po8 on the old system. My balance now is 0.0? Perhaps because my name is in caps in the database, and not in the game? Is this fixable? If not, I can sell a few things 😀


    @Myrto wrote:

    I had somewhere around 5k or 6k po8 on the old system. My balance now is 0.0? Perhaps because my name is in caps in the database, and not in the game? Is this fixable? If not, I can sell a few things 😀

    It’s fixable, and yes it’s because your name used to be MYRTO instead of Myrto, but it’s all taken care of now 🙂

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